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Thread: Something you have never seen: an e36!

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    The glass-glass arrangement PV boards counterbalance the hazard totally Topsolarproducts and would be a lot more secure to incorporate into the structures. Any breakage prompts a breaking (like in a vehicle wind shield) of the toughened glass spread, for the most part uncovering the polymer (ethylene vinyl acetic acid derivation or EVA) that exemplifies the PV cell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fruttolo View Post
    Thanks guys, I have a clip from the day I built the exhaust, I suck at videos and sheit but here it is

    It crackles and bangs a lot in downshifts and I love it but it's a bit too loud, I wish I left the resonator in the midpipe but ooh well
    yeah, seriously.... sounds really good

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