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Thread: Lorinser Benz Wagon x Kinghorn

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    Yes, so happy for you man!

    Now don't stop for another year with the update

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    Wow, read the whole thread what an awesome turn around. Can't wait to see more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnmzl View Post
    Great journey, happy you made it happen!
    Was wondering why you had to clean the rear subframe with a hose when it was pouring outside though
    Friends really make these things happen in our line of activities. Shout out to yours!
    Thanks brotha man! The hose was no simple hose though Paired it with a whopping 3.5hp Honda pressure washer (unfortunately didn't have VTEC but still kicked arse)

    But couldn't agree more! What kind of fun is fun you cant have amongst the presence of good people right? Appreciate ya!

    Quote Originally Posted by Fruttolo View Post
    Awesome, was wondering where did this thing go

    I eed to know how do you get such dirty/greasy/crusty parts that clean, when I power-wash stuff like that I end up being greasy and the parts still come out nowhere near clean
    Hey, still around! Just busy these days as every one is right?

    But lots of dish soap oddly enough! Its an amazing degreaser - rub it in, let it sit, and with the pressure washer it comes right off. Satisfies the OCD so I'm fine with it!

    Quote Originally Posted by Miroteknik View Post
    Always a fun read. So good to see the wagon continue to get better and better thanks to the many sedan lives sacrificed in the process.
    Thanks man, glad you enjoy it! I guess technically both sedan and wagon lives hysterically. Took a couple shitty cars to build one decent one

    Quote Originally Posted by DawsonLiri View Post
    Yes, so happy for you man!

    Now don't stop for another year with the update
    Thanks man! Appreciate it lots, and am trying to live it up for the all of us!

    Although the next update truly should satisfy everyone legitimately, still haven't gotten to the good part! Just need to lock myself in a room and type away...

    The signature gives a tad bit of it away too :/

    Quote Originally Posted by bwwaaaa View Post
    Wow, read the whole thread what an awesome turn around. Can't wait to see more!
    Thanks duders! Appreciate it and honored you spent the time

    Saying the same about your M build! (mostly waiting to see those new wheels mounted )

    Finally finished a huge project for work that has been a burden on me for the past couple months, classes for next semester picked out, college apps sent out for my last two years of schooling, and some "sick days" to use up to put together a damn update and we'll be rocking!

    So stoked to put this next one together too for you guys! Will make it a worthy one

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    This was such a good read. That swap to the v8 is awesome, I'll bet it feels like driving a completely different car. You know you want to show those wheel faces though lol.

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    I've seen you post around the MB pages and I'm obsessed! W210s have this funky vibe to them that fits into a special place in my heart, and everything about yours is perfect!

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