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    I'll introduce myself, prior experience, and past builds further down for those who don't know, but for the OG's - Been MIA for a year and some change and never quite finished my S|W E34 thread as I frequented bimmerforums over stanceworks, BUT I'm back and thats for good This is the one and only *Official Build thread for the Lorinser Benz Wagon

    Before you get started; A LOT has gone into this thread to make it as entertaining, as revealing, and as realistic as possible. I cant promise this thread will be worth the time spent scrolling, and it may in fact waste hours of your life, but I promise you it's a good read and as well a PICTURE HEAVY one (for those who solely look at pictures *raises hand emoji). Ill try to be as descriptive as possible adding my own bits of comedic humor here and there, and although it may be 2018, if you take offense to any of it; hit the back page. You'll see tons of faces and tons of background tidbits - its all for personal recollection, its the build thread revolving around my life. The people in it are included for personal recollection and as well; I'd like you to meet them, friends or family, as they've helped in some way in furthering this build or providing solid memories and lastly - brought meaning... If your an avid Mercedes fan, there will tons of other cars and content in it for ya.

    *Friendly reminder; this threads already been rendered for full screen! Sit back, grab some popcorn, slap your favorite tunes, full screen this bishh, and lastly - relax and enjoy!

    My names Abraham (close buddies call me Abe), I recently turned 20 years old and have been building/wrenching/writing/owning for quite a few years now. I'm currently going to school full time and as well working full time, making it hard to find time for automotives. In the past I've owned 10 cars to date (among these; 3 E34's, 2 E36's a Ti and an M3, 3 S210's, a W220 S55, and a W215 CL500) buying/selling or keeping for a few months and letting go and they've all been European vehicles if you didn't get the hint... but yet have only built one solid car so far. That one car that I built was/is very dear to me. A 1995 BMW 530it/5 that I built from the ground up. Appropriate 10+ page extensive build thread can be found by clicking this link here (yes this actual text - it'll take you there).

    Now what we're all here for; the intro to the intro...
    The Intro

    a 1998 Mercedes-Benz Lorinser E320 Wagon (S210)

    I'm very open about most things, including price. If I leave anything undisclosed, feel free to ASK!
    This particular car, came with 180,000 miles, a salvaged title, and as well a $1,200 total purchase price tag

    Complete with the full Authentic Lorinser kit - 5-piece exterior, two-piece wheels, ecu, and exhaust.

    As well comes complete with a gnarly front end incident and its fair share of rust

    This next shot hurts the soul

    Previous owner made sure to keep the raggedy theme consistent throughout the interior as well;

    Fur seat covers, horrid smells, crusty filth, missing radio, pubic hair, who knows what kind of diseases, a suicide knob I removed BUT
    at least the previous owner left me with some authentic brabus goodies

    For the purchase price, they were all things I was willing to put up with. Although the wicked horrid smells, pubic hair galore, and potential diseases had me petrified and ready to puke,

    I felt it was a solid buy and worth fixing. First things first - get the front end fixed and road legal

    Upon front collision, the metal headlight surround was bent beyond repair.

    I cut off the old chassis bracket and welded a new sucker in

    New bracket welded on and yes my welds are ugly no shame in my game (need the equipment to start getting into welding but its a major goal)

    Road legal and better than before now just needs a wash cus she filthy h*e!

    At this time (a year and 3 months ago) I had both cars. I was in process of selling the BMW though, this must've been days before selling it woah #ripp

    but you're not seriously thinking im going to build upon a salvage title'd rust bucket are you?
    Bring In the Second and Third S210

    Now you're probably thinking "damn the bug hit this guy pretty hard" and if you are - you'd be entirely right. I made the change from BMW to Mercedes because I wanted out of the everyday car lifestyle

    I still wanted to own a sick car, but not a BMW you have to work on constantly especially if you have an avid itch to kick the rear end... Yet somehow, I found myself entrenched back into the consistent car lifestyle

    Anyways, a second car was purchased because it came fully packaged (sound package w/ navi, massage/heated seats, clean interior, rack, 130,000 miles, new tires, etc)

    ended up snagging for a decent $1,800 which looking back came back to haunt me

    The day I went to go first inspect the vehicle ultimately driving home with it

    #2 - a 2002 Mercedes-Benz E320 Wagon (S210)

    Next up was finally the car to build upon. A clean inside and out '01 E320. Clean title, 170,000 miles, and no accidents ever reported including no rust, interior was immaculate

    Aquired through an Auto Auction w/ our dealers license - $640 out the door for this one.

    #3 - a 2001 Mercedes-Benz E320 Wagon (S210)

    Off topic, but for those ford folks or others interested in trucks, this is our family's truck and as well parts/car hauler

    an '03 Ford Excrusion Limited in the 6.0 V8 Turbo Diesel Platform - things a monster! We've done extensive modifications to it

    Was a short tow home 50 miles (didn't even need to tow but decided since the car was purchased sight unseen I'd play it safe for once)

    Dont normally get both garage bays available so thought that this was photo worthy, *not the fact that there was three silver S210's next to each other

    Wait What?!?!?!
    Deconstructing Lorinser's Lorinser Build

    Ah yes, as the title states; the car Lorinser built - now getting unbuilt by kinghorn

    Decided, I'll get all the lorinser goodies off this car, and resell it for basically what I paid for it maybe even make some money and essentially get paid to keep the kit and wheels

    Started by taking off the 15 year old tint and throwing on the spare face-lift body panels

    Then used the car to tow my brothers parts car W114 out of the garage after being on jack-stands taking up the garage spot for almost a year

    Two-piece original Lorinser LM1 19" wheels removed and cleaned up

    I have all the body kit pieces off, now just forcing 'em all to fit
    Putting the Lorinser Puzzle Together

    Keep in mind the time realm is about a solid year a couple months ago. Were still catching up to present, so starting the journey lets begin with the with one of my favorite pieces, the body kit

    My favorite part that makes this build unique, being the body kit, a Authentic Lorinser Pre-facelift kit, *dislike being that guy but the kit was made in under 200 production units

    and certainly a quarter of that is the wagon specific kit (rear bumpers are different between wagon/sedan). Basically this kit in its form is pretty rare.

    I stole the kit considering what the kitted panels were worth new...

    front bumper $1899 pn488217220
    fog 482 $559 pair
    488217520 rear bumper $1699
    side fairings pn4882186left pn2187 right $499 each
    rear muffler exhaust $2099
    Unfortunately, the kit is prefacelift and both the other S210's I acquired are face-lift. Sourcing a face-lift Lorinser kit would be like trying to source unobtanium and my pockets are quite shallow
    so it looks like we'll be making it fit (plus im a huge fan of all the face-lift goodies such as digital cluster, etc)

    It was at about this time, before mounting it all onto the new car, that I finally sold the first wagon - the lorinser rust bucket. Sale Price: $1450 cash.
    I pretty much broke even and am walking away with the full lorinser kit and two piece LM1 wheels ultimately for free. Made out like a bandit!!!

    Now onto the pictorial, sticking the entire kit on the cleanest most recent S210 (sorry if I've lost you, too many S210's lol!)

    the prefacelift tailgate is shaped differently over the facelift model so to fit the wing, it needs to be shaved in order to close the gaps; shaving fiberglass? easy.

    This is what we got for our final alignment all around. Quite literally almost perfect and maybe better than lorinsers gaps...?

    Would be pretty hard to get popped for a third brake light out now, seeing as I've got two

    Sideskirts up next or often referred to as rocker panel moldings

    All the tabs were aged, creased, bent, or broken. For roughly 15 years old, I'm not surprised, I have female friends who were in worse shape at 15

    New ones were sourced at roughly $5 for the lot

    Funny story about that last picture. On my 18th birthday in the early evening, I decided to go to a significant view spot with my female at the time and upon leaving my fuel pump decided to give out so the wagon was left there, night plans weren't going to be stopped!

    Was a rough night and day following too. That picture was taken the day following with a tremendous and horrendous hangover

    FYI; legal drinking age in mexico is 18, and mexico is as well 10 minutes from San Diego, so you can bet your ass a solid time was had by all, i think....

    Rear bumper = Preface-lift models mount completely differently and have brackets. Welp, I cut out those suckers off the original lorinser car before selling it, and am now welding 'em onto the facelift car. See pictures

    my buddy Sammy (@5er_sammy) coming in torching on the welds

    garage build with gaps better than lorinsers?

    finally feel like progress is paying off and we're getting to the point where the ideas becoming a reality

    and 'voila! theres wing/skirts/rear bumper although I managed to sneak in exhaust but you probably didnt notice anyways...

    talk about a frankenstein build, facelift and stock upfront - prefacelift and lorinser modifications in the rear. #YTS

    Really wish the Lorinser LM1's came ready to mount ◕╭╮◕

    Unfortunately both the fronts had massive bends in them, needed to be straightened and rebuilt so they sat like pancakes on the parts car
    speaking of that low mileage parts car

    86,000 mile motor? Bet. Pulled that sucker out... Awaiting that partial rebuild but we'll come back to that!

    parents place looking like a junkyard while waiting on the junkyard to pick up this gigantic pile

    Theres always complications...
    Life and Side Hustles Intervene

    While going through daily routine scouring the interwebz, this popped up;

    Im not comfortable sharing the price on this guy, because if I did some of y'all would h@te me, therefor just pretend it was a relatively low number.

    Honestly way too much car for a 19 year old Backed by a german M113K and for those that dont know;

    a 5.4 German AMG V8 coupled with an AMG supercharger. Hell of a vehicle - crazy fast, crazy heavy, and crazy thirsty.

    In my opinion, one of the most prettiest benz's out there! Such a beautiful sedan

    Then I did the responsible thing (unfortunately). Fixed a few small things, replaced a single Automatic Transmission Cooler Line that was $400 alone, and the car hit the market sigh

    if you read the introductory paragraphs you'd know why im including this

    Ultimately without going Uber deep into detail, a pretty long story came to an end and was tough to cope with

    caused a rough patch in work/school/and even the car took its fair share of hits

    (pun intended - you'll get it by reading further HAHA)

    took out built up anger on the rear driver door with my fist... was caused by immaturity coupled with stupidity smfh - i guess at a young age females will do that to you

    was a lose/lose situation. My knuckles were bruised for weeks and looking back it was stupid foolish #riporiginaldoor

    luckily I knew of some one with a parts car

    moving on, sorry for the OT

    DJ Khalid voice "anotha one"

    Sorry that quote was cringy... As for this CL, it was already in the family and so after acquiring, my sole purpose was flipping/getting rid of

    here's the for-sale ad headliner image and a few other shots

    that got sold relatively quick, lasted about a week on the market, another one of those epicly beautiful mercedes, so much drool and so much urge to build!

    I was notified from a buddy of my'n who owns a junkyard in Germany, that a car came in with one of these (see picture below)

    so I says to the guy, I says let me know when you source two together and then we'll talk a sale.

    Welp, I was notified. and we talked a sale

    It was at about this time I believe I moved out (august of '2017) to an apartment with two roommates in Sierra Mesa, San Diego.

    (for those of you San Diego locals, Sierra Mesa = minutes away from Convoy and all the amazing food)

    the Lorinser Benz Wagon was my moving truck as you can tell;

    somehow managed to find and fit a free huge wooden L shaped desk for our living room inside and on top of the work horse and brought it home safely

    emphasis on brought it home safely, wow was I surprised

    fuCk YoUr grOCeRY GeTter dIs aN ApArtMeNT GEtTeR

    With the CL sold another car was stumbled upon and acquired
    Cant mention the price on this guy either

    An Individual, Moreagreun, clean title, 130,000 mile, s52/auto, E36 M3 <3

    original plans were getrag/hardtop/boost but oh how times are tough for broke college students trying to make ends meet with San Diego rent

    ultimately, car was daily'ed for two months then let go of... this was saddening

    something insane has to be powering a build of this calibur right?
    Stock Motor? yikesssssss

    Damn, ass-whole narrator over here giving away spoilers. Anyways, Yikessss. Keep in mind I was 19 years old, going to school full time, working full time, and have gnarly bills to pay monthly. Going with anything other than stock motor is pushing budgeting limits

    -Believe it or not, my brother owns a Mercedes W203 C32 AMG which has the same stock motor as my car (the m112) but AMG internals and a supercharger on top. His car got backed into and might be totaled. That could be a potential swap later down the road, keep an eye out and it may become reality!

    Anyways, the stock motor runs nicely but compression was starting to dwindle, had a coolant leak, and oil looked shady. This all prompted swapping in the 86,000 mile motor/tranny combo with a refresh.

    Of course, I cant just swap. New stuff has got to go on as well! Top right alone; four brand new BOSCH Oxygen sensors were $400 and that was through rock auto with a discount, ouch sincerely

    but bosch? -Quality you can taste

    and so the tear down on the factory motor begins

    such a putrid photo, hairs on the back of my neck stand up looking at a photo like this

    factory engine out having completed 17 years - 186,000 miles (300,000 kilometers)...

    since my parts car had 85,000 miles (135,000 kilometers) I decided resealing and installing the 85,000 mile steering rack was a better idea than keeping the 186,000 stock one

    If you haven't noticed yet, I hold myself to a high standard and level of craftsmanship and workmanship. Things on this car are to be done once and done right.

    With this being said, a pressure washer was sourced and used to clean up the engine bay and blast years of dirt and grime away.

    Tear down of the new motor begins

    *side note a friend brought over her couple week old friend

    double side-note, Im a huge cat person, Im allergic, but love the suckers to death. This is our family's hypo-allergenic lil guy that goes by the name of Akeekee and is 12 weeks old

    He's an F3 savannah cat (not similar to a bengal) as this ones great great ancestors are servals (the african wildcats) so this guys legit a percent or two cheetah lmao.

    shameless self-promotion as if I know what I'm doing

    Starting off with the transformation on the valve-cover

    First step was to sand down everything off the valve cover and wipe with acetone

    Weapon of choice was a wire brush attached to a high-powered drill to blast everything off and bring it down to bare metal.

    Plugged holes, covered threads, then laid down a couple thick coats of a high temperature primer get the base and foundation solid

    paint of choice; RUSTOLEUM High Temp Paint! Proudly sponsored not by Rustoleum but damn they should honestly probably give me something. thats lime-light right there...

    applying small coats, covering thoroughly, and getting all angles

    as well used a high temp clear, wish I snagged a pic of the can for the audience, if its requested Ill try and pop one!

    came out looking wet-wet though! made sure to lay the clear down thick but not a single run still!

    fresh outta the paint booth... actually, im not kidding anyone, honestly these came out of the shed behind my garage bro

    now first of all, before you say "its uzing - you used too much and probably have it lining on the inside"

    No. if you know MBZ valve covers you know they all leak. I tried to prevent so by using heavier RTV amounts in more prone to leak areas.

    fuel rail receiving new o-rings, injectors being half-assed cleaned at home

    this next photo is actually quite orgasmic

    and for those curious - your welcome

    My OCD taking hold again. Valve cover bolts dropped in pans of gas and scrubbed after waiting a couple of minutes. Worked wonders ya dig

    motors ready to drop in! although its not pictured, the motor received new gaskets, seals, orings, applicable pumps, etc

    now pause for clarity, in fact run that picture back one more time...

    I mean honestly WTF. Who lifts a motor like this?!?!?! May have been a year ago but was I this idiotic? Someone wanna chime in on a roast? Cus honestly fine if you do shiiiiit.

    car got put back together, except this time in a much better state

    fired up and running almost perfect! swap was finished March of '2017! Photo of car burning off oil upon first start and in 4x4 mode

    alignment immediately after the swap because of the steering rack swaps

    and yes i take my car to shops for alignments, my inner-OCD wants it perfect and I dont have the equipment for perfect. Plus, this meme is truth

    daily'ed for a few months as is. Even took it on an uber cool trip to Big Bear

    forgot to mention, for those that dont know the cars a 7 seater. It has two rearward facing seats, equipped with cupholders, seatbelts, and even a cigarette lighter in the very back

    But for the big bear trip I happened to fit six people and everyone's boarding gear, how? No clue but made it happen. Was a killer good time

    Wtf abe, does interior not matter to you?
    Interior Matters to Me

    Literally, my posterior is in there the most, so yes interior does matter

    Starting off with a lil sum' light - some slight cluster work

    swapped out the boring yellow cluster lights with LED's

    didnt like how off white it was and how some were whiter than others so that got ditched within days

    one of the main resistors in the cluster gave out, which caused me to loose all lights, and some other functions so i saw moment to go all in and repair/replace tons

    Pulled circuit boards, fixed the common pixel issues for the temperature and time that it seems like every 210 has problems with and even added the digital speedometer feature

    New cluster modified and in place, showing off the working pixels all around and the newly added digital speedo feature

    Even added LED's in a few things such as turn signals and key warnings... Its the subtle things

    Even sourced and installed chrome cluster gauge rings that I didn't like at first but are growing on me...


    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Gates in His Song - 2 Phones
    I got two phones, one for the plug and one for the load
    I got two phones, one for the bitches and one for the dough

    On my last BMW build, I had installed not one but two OEM car phones at the same damn time

    and of course, had to have one in this particular Benz build

    *looking for another as well if you happen to know of or have one for sale DM me!

    Big on heated seats, its a necessity for any build/daily of my'n! My parts car came optioned with them - end of discussion.

    Stock seats were mint! Of course though the heated and multi-contoured seats are to get swapped in though. The tear down begins

    some buddies decided to cruise through and assist but actually ended up throwing a mini turn up in my garage haha

    THE BEER BONG lol anyways continuing on; interior getting gutted in preparation for vacuum lines and the heated seats harness

    making sure this retro-fit is direct OEM installment (Making it look like my car came with this option from the factory, not ghetto and NO SHORTCUTS)

    ran the positive leads to the correct fuse location in the fuse box for the heated seats, as prior mentioned as OEM as possible.

    In the factory wiring diagram another 12V positive lead runs to the fuse box under the rear seat

    This was a legit headache to get to, dont recommend

    and after about a solid 5 hour investment, bingo!

    Unfortunately, now that I've added a few options to the car, I now need a different center console wood trim piece... Went from no options to options

    its 2:10am in the W210

    Real problem being not many E320's with the normal mahogany wood came optioned with every single option including the double din... Only AMG's came like so and they came factory with Birds Eye Maple wood...

    Making this an extremely tough find, and yes their are some on eBay, if you're willing to pay the $450 average price tag...

    *picture is for clarification; far left = single din + all options / middle and right pieces = double din + no options haha

    My task was to create a double din with all the options

    I had an ingenious idea; piece the two together

    JB welded the two pieces together

    Came together with this, but my OCD wasn't having it. So it got bondo to flatten the gap and wrapped gloss black along with all the other trim

    Moving on; Steering wheels are important and not having a disgusting wheel is just as important

    Came up with a list of work that my older brothers W210 E430 needed and was willing to do so in exchange for his wooden steering wheel

    *Just pulling it off gave me massive backlash! blood was shed though so even a stripped bolt behind the steering wheel wasn't going to stop me

    and walah love the relation between the chrome mercedes badge and the chrome gauge rings

    Friends and Family mean most
    Can I Introduce My 210 Buddies?

    It all started through instagram! These buddies run the @SOCALW210's Instagram page, go check it out and give it a like/follow!

    But had been following closely, and while I was vacationing in another city with a friend I ran into Isaac (an owner of the page) in rush hour traffic on the freeway

    Was the coolest coincidence haha! Anyways if your an avid W210 fan, check them out! Anyways, all those guys live about 100 miles north of me so I cruise up occasionally!

    Here's a shot of us attending a SocalAMG Lounge BBQ Picnic

    We got Kyle (one of the page's owners) and his aggresive '99 E55 AMG - @kylejeworski

    Connor and his MINT 60,000 mile '01 E55 AMG - @connorfelan

    Isaac (another page moderator) and his low '01 E55 AMG - @isaackangg

    Rob who daily's his beater W210 E320 but owns as well a '05 E55 AMG - @e55rob

    Of course as always a good time and a solid turn out

    But good kicking it with good company and always cool to see so many W210's in one spot

    I think my lens needed to be cleaned, that last shot came out goofy

 where "low is a lifestyle" yet clearly not this guys lifestyle!?!?

    Or how about this one HAHA

    There is no lows, the only low in this thread is my attention span after reading such a long ass thread
    Lows? I'm On It Boss!

    See well, I was on it untill this happened! Mercedes Benz Spring Compressors

    ♢ you either dont know of them and in that case you're smart for not having touched them

    ♢ know of them cus your sketchy and like to live life dangerously

    ♢ or knew of them *past tense because the spring compressor caused death.

    LUCKILY, IM HERE TO TELL THE STORY LMAO, I was almost the past tense from.

    While pulling out the front springs, the Mercedes spring compressor tool broke a tooth and let go of all tension on the spring

    The spring acting like a fucking rocket ship ricocheted in the wheel well multiple times ultimately blasting my knuckles and gashing my forehead, fucking sick brah!!!

    but guess what I didn't die and the front end's pretty low

    Current front suspension is as follows;

    E55 AMG Front Springs Cut 2.5 Coils
    #1 Spring Pads from Mercedes
    Bilstein E55 AMG Shocks
    E55 AMG Front Sway Bar

    rolling on the stock 16" sport wheels for the time being as the Lorinser LM1's need to be repaird, repainted, and new tires thrown on...

    shortly after, the rear lorinser LM1's which were atleast in decent enough conditon to roll on got thrown on and taken to the gas station for pics : ) #utterdonklyfe

    Loving the idea that the front is relatively close to lip/fender on stock 16's, i cant even imagine what the 19" lorinser's will look like up front! Keep scrolling and you may find out

    also, some ignorant bastard in my campus's parking lot backed into my car a while ago and caused the lower dent below the tail...

    Campus police can write me copious amounts of tickets for my car but cant find out whome did this? Should be punishable with death

    Not necessarily a fan of huge meets, more of the interpersonal spend time with friends/famiy typa person which is what made this event epic...
    The Leavenworth Drive Is Legit (2017)

    Drove from San Diego CA to Leavenworth Washington a total of almost 40 Hours of driving and almost 3,000 total miles

    saw some of the prettiest views I had ever seen and drove on some of the most epic'est roads I've ever drove on

    and this was all June of 2017! Im heading on the 2018 Leavenworth drive in a few days <3

    kyle mashin out putting in seat time

    didnt take many photos on the way there or even there to tell you the truth

    Although I didn't get many photos Leavenworth, I can make up for it by profering copious amounts of photos from;

    The Worlds largest gathering of e30's, the authentic where it all came from e30 picnic, the LeMays Collection E30 Picnic in Tacoma Washington

    On our way out we made sure to hit this event! Having worked on my brothers multiple e30's including his Imported E30 touring and owning/building an E34 which is in the same ball park, I felt it was a necessary

    S|W member? Who R U?!?!

    and of course we were out there holdin it down for the benz boi's

    and that concluded it all, now the 20 hour drive home with rollers and all

    Isaac's 210 looking OEM + and almost perfect

    and the sun sets

    Always Compression/Leak-down Test an Engine Before Going In
    I Threw in a Motor With A Bad Headgasket

    Well to sum it all up, yes. Always leak down/compression test haha

    The motor that had 86,000 miles on it, but the head gasket was already toast. I BELIEVE the previous owner stuck a head gasket fix inside the motor to allow it to run fine for the span of a month ;/

    Sourced a new OEM motor, 128,000 on the clock, cost: $375 out the door

    ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ One of my all time favorite photos as of right now in this build thread ⇓ ⇓ ⇓

    I love leaving ya'll puzzled... Heres a puzzling picture to the prefacelift front-end

    Nothing bolts up... Keep in mind, the body kit is prefacelift (96-99) and the cars a facelift (00-02)

    So we have to run preface-lift body panels up front to get the preface-lift kit to work and this is what it looks like with the preface-lift parts put in rough place

    They dont line up at all haha! But sourced all the parts from my buddies european junkyard

    Even got the AMG Prefacelift headlights from my buddy kyle (earlier mentioned - thanks again Kyle!)

    got the fender on after creating mounts to raise the height 1-3/4" inches

    as well cut and rewelded the hood brackets that latch to the front core support (moved them further down and out as well to get them to latch properly)

    passenger side layed down (saving fine tune adjustments till the end)

    replaced the hood star (shiny chrome, quality you can taste)

    then remember that flag pole and parking pole from earlier?

    dropped it for the night as it was late, this was tough to not be able to finish

    came back a few days later when I had the time!

    and yeeeeeeeeeeeeet

    working on some more final adjustments

    these oem wheels are 16's by the way

    worked out the last of the alignment and adjustments

    hit the headlight covers with a spray can from my local automotive story

    got the gaps to look pretty good for a different model front end that isnt supposed to fit

    havent driven a lowered car in a solid year since I sold the bmw, had to get used to it

    There may be a few of you to **** and/or comment negatively about on this next photo, if so there are a ton of things I'd like to say to you in advance, but I shall digress, please dont.

    Am Yisrael Chai!

    comparison photo - friend and foe

    Sailing this land yacht

    Met a super cool W208 owner! (@mackyuno619 - on instagram)

    Bought a roof rack - approaching full utilitarianism out of my car - just need a tow hitch now

    that pictures funny ^ reminds me of the idea that we always change front ends in our family haha

    our excursion from before/after

    our pops' renntech S65 amg

    and now my lorinser S210

    At this point (June 8th, 2018) this all ends the original intro to the Lorinser Benz Wagon x Kinghorn Build thread

    from here on out are updates and advances to the car, keep an eye out, bigger things to come!

    Thanks for reading and look forward to comments/feedback!

    Can't be an introduction to a build without a teaser right?!?!?!...
    The Teaser

    ★ ★ ★ BMW E34 Touring Thread ★ ★ ★ Lorinser S210 Benz Wagon Build Thread ★ ★ ★

    Quote Originally Posted by Kinghorn View Post
    I may be slightly stupid, but emphasis on slightly, not fully

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    9 - Lows? I'm On It Boss! (Intro)
    10 - The Leavenworth Drive Is Legit (2017) (Intro)
    11 - I Threw In a Motor With a Bad Headgasket (Intro)
    12 - The Teaser (Intro)

    13 - Dropping the Rear (Update #1)
    14 - BENZWGN© (Update #1)

    15 - The Leavenworth Drive Is Legit (2018) (Update #2)
    16 - My two Favorite Built not Bought S210's (Update #2)
    17 - Maxing out the Rear (Update #2)

    *Reserving this spot for Table of Contents updates and future notes!
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    ★ ★ ★ BMW E34 Touring Thread ★ ★ ★ Lorinser S210 Benz Wagon Build Thread ★ ★ ★

    Quote Originally Posted by Kinghorn View Post
    I may be slightly stupid, but emphasis on slightly, not fully

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    Damm I like this wagon. Epic build, can't wait to see the e34

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    Fila is offline Built , not bought StanceWorks Visitor
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    Jul 2016


    I think we are in for a treat Looking forward to new updates

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    Jul 2017


    Very nice job . (but I preferred the E34 ).

    Wait for more.

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    South Carolina


    You already know how I feel about all this...

    Also, I am going to need that other parking pole you have!
    Instagram: @Eurow

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    Mega intro dude!
    Need more lowness now

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    Default Update #1

    Quote Originally Posted by Fila View Post
    I think we are in for a treat Looking forward to new updates
    Tis what I'm shooting for! and well then I got something for ya

    Quote Originally Posted by dres2x View Post
    Very nice job. (but I preferred the E34)

    Wait for more.
    Thank you! and join the club mate i miss that car all the time but hopefully this build will pass up that build pretty soon hehehe

    Quote Originally Posted by MikeyRa View Post
    You already know how I feel about all this...

    Also, I am going to need that other parking pole you have!
    Yes, yes I do welcome aboard

    As for the parking pole, I'm an idiot. Ultimately decided on only running a single pole and sold off the other to a random.
    /thread on my life hahaha if i come across another ill shoot it your way!

    Quote Originally Posted by DawsonLiri View Post
    Mega intro dude!
    Need more lowness now
    Thanks my guy! and more lowness?


    No more face down ass up
    Dropping the Rear

    Tired of seeing this race-car rake on a granny wag - plain and simply; no.

    So I brought her into the garage but decided to take some photos showing off the rear end that has the stock self leveling system

    Here is fully lowered and fully lifted (4x4 mode)

    most people would be satisfied with this outcome

    I was not back into the garage for another clipped coil and a spring pad

    and with decent fitment in the rear I decided it was time for some raw formatted photos which I've lacked for a while now

    Cant be a signature build without a signature name

    and that does it for the first update thanks for reading and staying tuned
    keep an eye out! soon to come; straightening and mounting front Lorinser LM1's so I can try not to, but actually end up ruining fenders anyways

    also, follow me on instagram @ kinghorn.x bcus no actual reason but you should anyways

    also's also, dont forget to like, comment, subscribe!

    sike this is stanceworks

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    ★ ★ ★ BMW E34 Touring Thread ★ ★ ★ Lorinser S210 Benz Wagon Build Thread ★ ★ ★

    Quote Originally Posted by Kinghorn View Post
    I may be slightly stupid, but emphasis on slightly, not fully

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    It looks killer, man! Where did you source the wheels from? I think they might be my old wheels!

    Damn you and that parking pole lol.
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    the flag makes it look very presidential. Also, when I saw the s55 i thought you were gonna motor swap the wagon lol

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    everything about this photo makes me uncomfortable

    Instagram: @t_armst

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    Used to be a fan of the S124 but the S210 is slowly growing on me. Keep in coming. Get an MB roof box or INNO slim box for max style points

    I agree - no shoes and sparks towards you

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeyRa View Post
    It looks killer, man! Where did you source the wheels from? I think they might be my old wheels!

    Damn you and that parking pole lol.
    Thank you duders! Its looking decent for now but should get a lot better soon. I think the front wheels will tie it all together big time...

    As for the wheels, I actually got the very first S210 (rust bucket) with the full Lorinser Kit on it! The previous owner took it to Lorinser in 2001 and dropped quite a few racks, I wish he kept the receipt

    But he said Lorinser mounted everything at their facility (including wheels), but you had LM1's on your 210 at one point?!?!? Pics are a must my guy!

    Quote Originally Posted by slamitall View Post
    the flag makes it look very presidential. Also, when I saw the s55 i thought you were gonna motor swap the wagon lol
    Seriously presidential haha! A jewish Prime Minister out here but you shoulda seen how many flags i had on the whip for 4th of July

    I 110% thought about it An S210 with a M113K? next level for sure, but realized I would've wrecked a proper S55 AMG and been another 3 grand and maybe 100+ hours into the swap :/

    The two swaps in the near future are between an M113 5.5 off an W210 E55 AMG or the M112K from a W203 C32 AMG... Im pretty undecided

    Quote Originally Posted by TheTynosaur View Post
    everything about this photo makes me uncomfortable
    Hahahah! Please just enjoy been around wrenching and doing stupid stuff for too long Didn't actually cut like that, it was solely for the photo.

    If you noticed, shards are shooting directly at the lens but oooh y'all didnt care enough about my camera to call me out on that?!?!?! smh haha kidding, but once again, I may be slightly stupid, but emphasis on slightly, not fully

    Quote Originally Posted by z168 View Post
    Used to be a fan of the S124 but the S210 is slowly growing on me. Keep in coming. Get an MB roof box or INNO slim box for max style points

    I agree - no shoes and sparks towards you
    Quite literally same. I hear so much talk of people stating the W210's a ugly chassis but it most definitely grows on you.

    The S124 was my personal fan favorite as a kid but these facelifted S210's are 18 years old and have almost every modern feature, keeps up with these modern cars without a problem which is why I went S210 over S124.

    I want a proper MB Box or even the super slim aerodynamical Thule boxes color matched to the car but those get expensive real quick!! The thules are going for $600-$700 new (and keep in mind I only paid $650 for the car itself ) But soon most definitely before my Leavenworthe trip next June.

    I also agree, but only partly. Cutting with one hand was the biggest no-no. The no shoes is a no biggie as long as the spring was stabilizied while cutting (which it was). I've now done numerous motor/tranny swaps in Rainbow sandals (occasionally barefoot) and as long as your doing things correctly bits should not fall nor land on toes lmao. the photo was staged as most photos in this build thread are haha.

    ★ ★ ★ BMW E34 Touring Thread ★ ★ ★ Lorinser S210 Benz Wagon Build Thread ★ ★ ★

    Quote Originally Posted by Kinghorn View Post
    I may be slightly stupid, but emphasis on slightly, not fully

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    just read the entire thread. good shit man

    how does it ride on cut springs?

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    Nice pictures and write up. It's looking really good. Love the benz wagons

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    Safety third

    Looks great, how it rides? Now need front rims repaired and it's perfect.

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    Damn! This thing is bad to the bone.

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    This thread delivers! Nice ride man... Well built and a great read! Makes me want to go out and build a Mercedes Wagon and put my 18" Schmidt VN wheels to use!
    1988 Pontiac Firebird Formula 350-
    Heads Cam Intake Procharged T56 Moser 9* Tokico Suspension
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    Default Update #2

    Quote Originally Posted by Lukey View Post
    just read the entire thread. good shit man

    how does it ride on cut springs?
    Ah thank you! hope it was a good read

    I'm actually going to answer that question in this update, scroll lower! speaking of lower, the car receives more of it

    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny_Coleslaw View Post
    Nice pictures and write up. It's looking really good. Love the benz wagons
    Thank you! and something about benz and bimmer wagons man it has me hoooooked

    Quote Originally Posted by DawsonLiri View Post
    Safety third

    Looks great, how it rides? Now need front rims repaired and it's perfect.
    safety third?

    what is safety?

    but it rode amazing on that setup! I went lower though hahaha check out this update! Ill make sure to mention how it rides

    Quote Originally Posted by onenonlyop View Post
    Damn! This thing is bad to the bone.
    Not quite yet but its getting there lol thank you though!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bullydawg View Post
    This thread delivers! Nice ride man... Well built and a great read! Makes me want to go out and build a Mercedes Wagon and put my 18" Schmidt VN wheels to use!
    Im a delivery specialist! All jokes aside, thank you haha

    Its getting there, glad you enjoyed the read though we still have more coming so stay tuned!

    As for wanting to go out and build a benzo wagon; DONT FUCKING HESITATE

    one of the weirdest culture shocks for me making the switch from BMW to Mercedes was;

    Reliability. I was just as anal with the BMW, all proper stuff, OEM parts not URO, the list goes on and yet still plastic cooling system and other issues...

    My 320, albeit not as fun, not as hoonable, nor as fast, is a tank and just keeps going! I was expecting thousands in maintenance, this thing might even be just as cheap as an accord IMO

    I'm having Benz buddies drive in AMG's to Seattle and back from Cali (3,000 miles) without a single issue, and I mean not even a CEL/hose/fuse. Its shocking. Highly recommend for a daily

    As for the Schmidt's, use em!! I want me a pare of TH-Lines so badly! Whats your experience with Schmidt's?

    without further ado, lets get this update underway

    The Leavenworth Drive 2017 was legitimately awesome. Lets make a 3,000 mile trip a yearly thing?
    The Leavenworth Drive Is Legit (2018)

    And so it began! June 12th-24th were the dates spanning almost 3,000 miles in its entirety!

    You could imagine broken necks everywhere on the freeway There was a total of 5 Mercedes AMG's in our convoy

    An E63 AMG (W211), a E55 AMG (W211), and three E55 AMG's (W210) All introduced earlier in this Build Thread!

    Unfortunately some personal stuff came up and couldn't take the Benzwgn, planning on it next year for sure!

    All photos are shot by yours truly unless otherwise stated, some were edited for Instagram prior, so sorry for lack of quality on a few


    One could imagine a lot was spent on gas my buddy kyle's expression in this photo says it all

    Rollin' through the city of Portland, Oregon

    scratch that *Benzo Mobbin would be a better term

    We made it in to Puyallup, Washington where our buddy Christian ( was generous enough to lend his home for a couple of nights!

    The following day, we ventured to his fathers house who is a Master Mercedes Tech! (@bigbirdbenztech - owns the silver facelifted S210 in the corner)

    Solid laughs were had and good time was spent by all.

    Afterwards ventured out to Pikes market in Seattle cus why not when your 1,000 miles from home

    Back to Benzo Mobbin and this photo describes that perfectly

    Went back to my buddies house, woke up mid-afternoon and took off for Leavenworth which was about another 2 hour drive northeast. Our town house in Leavenworth was rented from Fri-Sun!

    Our buddy Christians roommate cruised with in his late model E30 M3 Replica, powered by a single monstrous snail oozing with boost mated to a forced-induction craving m50!

    While rolling in, we had a group of MK's join us right when the scenery hit interstellar, of course out popped abe from the passenger window!

    One of the prettiest backgrounds I have ever shot with for rollers! Unfortunately my phone degraded the quality... of course

    The event was both saturday and sunday, and having been last year, this year we decided townhouse was the way to go, so one was booked for friday through sunday!

    Upon showing up friday afternoon, the place was already lit! Tons of cars and realistically almost no cops to be found (lol @ h2Oi)

    Unfortunately got hit with some slight rain that Friday afternoon but it eventually cleared up making way for thousands of modified cars to hit the german accented town that weekend

    This next shot was a check mark off my bucketlist...

    TEDDY BEAR WHEELS!!! Marked off my bucketlist; seeing the Ronal Teddy Bear wheels in person and man did they look spectacular on this MK1, the thing was a four door too!

    Now to just find a set hmmmmm............................................ ..... *checks pockets* straaaaaight haha could you imagine curbing those wheels it'd be considered murder

    Also saw a crazy amount of District of Columbia plates and realized we were an hour or two from Canada. Apparently quite a few Canadians make the drive to the states for the event!

    Coolest part of that meant they brought all of their Euro spec'd cars and other cars that weren't imported into the states! Got to see some quite extravagant whips

    After a festive night, we woke up at a relatively decent time saturday afternoon (shouts out to Henny!!)

    and all I can say is if you've never seen Leavenworth before;


    honestly, i suck at taking pictures at events. those are the only shots I got

    I have a phobia of being that one guy with a stock kitted camera and lens with no gear at a huge event LMAO!

    If you want to see the event in its entirety check out this video; my buddy shot this!

    and like all good things; it came to an end

    was an amazing event another year in a row!! glad that we live the lives we do where were able to drive a thousand miles for a car event! a very humbling and trip

    So the drive hom began, but of course had to make the most of the trip so we as well met up with a fellow W210 AMG owner in Kent, Washington

    ^ all three shades of neutral W210's

    Woke up the next morning and got started on taking out miles!

    About 5 hours into the drive our buddy experienced stomach issues, so we pit-stopped into a rest area type of spot. He used the bathroom and we wandered

    Little did we know we had wandered into Deception Falls and it led to a pretty cool experience!!

    Now I was not a fan of this but Idiotically, we stopped in Saint Helens to visit a bigfoot museum and this was probably the fattest waste of time

    I mean do people actually believe this? This spot was considered "bigfoots grave"...

    They added a notebook inside posing the question "Write in your experience if you've ever encountered Big Foot"

    Literally every response was a joke... The funniest was "I wake up next to him every day" and it had me dead hahaha!

    and the rest was literally just smooth sailing the next couple hundred miles home!

    For those questioning how the 5 AMG's handled on the trip, literally stunning!

    Only issue out of all five cars - the E63 had a faulty tire that gave out which isn't even a major issue!

    Definitely dont know If I'd have trusted my older BMW even after replacing literally everything, or a built BMW in general haha!

    Side note, guaranteed Leavenworth 2019 is happening!

    If you are along our route and would like to set up a meet up, let me know!

    Alternatively, if you could provide a place to stay we can compensate with money, food, and beer! What more could one want? hehe

    For those who have done this, if you have recommendations on places to stop at or sight see, were all ears! Lots of stuff to cover over 3,000 miles

    Im only slightly biased, but here are;
    My two Favorite Built not Bought S210's

    Air Suspension Vs. Static?

    This S210 happens to be owned by my good friend David (@SD_210) who is an amazing guy!

    Car was built by him with the help of close friends, all equating to something of pure beauty.

    A 2001 E320 Station Wagon, white with tan interior, considered the ultimate Granny spec but let me tell you... this is by no means at all that, and let me tell/show you why

    This S210 is now equipped with an angry demon beneath the bonnet, a AMG 5.5litre V8 producing 340hp with the proper power and drive train to accomodate

    A manual valve air suspension system, a set of Wald Duchatelet wheels cleaned up by the man himself, and crazy rare brabus/renntech goodies here and there

    Did I mention David is a paraplegic? Unfortunate accident, but hasn't slowed him down one bit!

    Yes albeit, working on his car is tougher than most, but it shows David's strength, effort, and willingness.

    The product? Quite literally something to drool over

    David's truly inspiration, if he can do it especially with an outcome as amazing as his 210, anyone can.

    Make sure to follow him on Instagram @ sd_210, amazing content and an amazing wagon!

    Two chapters ago was titled "Dropping the Rear" This one?
    Maxing out the Rear

    It started out with me needing new tires seeing as the last ones were the tires that came with the wheels date stamped 2006 they dont even make those tires anymore haha!

    Anyways, got some used continentals sport contact 6's with about 70% tread, and man do conti's have a thick lip!

    so I went for a more aggressive offset. Lifted the car by tossing a 3mm spring pad underneath the spring on both sides and a 5mm spacer which gave me;

    Although it looked amazing and in fact for what it was rode purely amazing!!! I'm a man of lows.

    Welcome to Stanceworks

    So obviously, Spacers delete, fender roll and pull a bit more, remove pad and another 1/4 coil and here we are


    also, heard you wanted some night time shots w flash

    Had to test out the fitment and drive seeing as this thing is my daily, so I found some excuses, loaded up the wgn and headed up to Thousand Oaks, California (450 mile round trip)

    Had a couple of my AMG friends mentioned earlier attend too! We grabbed Thai food and shot a bit

    Now you might be wondering why my reverse lights are on while going 65mph on the freeway...

    And I could try to explain, but showing you would probably be better; click this link!

    So I decided, hmmm might be funny to wire it up to a switch! So I did, and now while im driving I can be in Drive and have that go off

    The looks on peoples faces leaves you dying of laughter for minutes after!!! Or even just showing up to a car meet is hysterical

    That wraps it up for Update #2! Hopefully you thoroughly enjoyed. I look forward to comments and feedback!

    You know they say third times the charm, maybe we might have front Lorinser wheels on by the third update?

    there was a question mark on that cus shit i dont know either! hahaha guess we'll find out

    also, follow me on instagram @ kinghorn.x bcus no actual reason but you should anyways

    also's also, dont forget to like, comment, subscribe!

    sike this is stanceworks

    ★ ★ ★ BMW E34 Touring Thread ★ ★ ★ Lorinser S210 Benz Wagon Build Thread ★ ★ ★

    Quote Originally Posted by Kinghorn View Post
    I may be slightly stupid, but emphasis on slightly, not fully

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    Hey, so um, our cars should hang out...
    Instagram: @Eurow

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    Very cool thread I enjoyed reading it! The LM1's are totally baller and the Excursion is too!! but I have one question... were there really PUBES in the car when you bought it???? lmao

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    I feel honored to have made it into your build thread! Keep up the good work dude can’t wait to see the next phase

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeyRa View Post
    Hey, so um, our cars should hang out...
    so um, agreed... only issues what almost 2,000 miles? our whips would make for a killer shoot though!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Porterhousestk View Post
    Very cool thread I enjoyed reading it! The LM1's are totally baller and the Excursion is too!! but I have one question... were there really PUBES in the car when you bought it???? lmao
    Thank you! Glad you did - more to come!

    You'd be surprised at what I found in there man... Wish I would have took more pictures but It was so foul, I just remember dying hysterically with friends trying to clean it up.

    As for the pubes, there was definitely some nabby ass hairs in there and a used condom in the spare tire well so i'd be willing to bet a serious penny haha!

    Glad that car was sold. Could not have daily'd it knowing what she's been through lmao

    Quote Originally Posted by SD202 View Post
    I feel honored to have made it into your build thread! Keep up the good work dude can’t wait to see the next phase
    The pleasure was all mine, once again, thanks for letting me share David! Cant wait for to see what we both come up with in the near future and the photos that will come of it > : )

    No update but things are getting worked on

    ★ ★ ★ BMW E34 Touring Thread ★ ★ ★ Lorinser S210 Benz Wagon Build Thread ★ ★ ★

    Quote Originally Posted by Kinghorn View Post
    I may be slightly stupid, but emphasis on slightly, not fully

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