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Thread: FS: e36 M3 3/4/5

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    Default FS: e36 M3 3/4/5

    Hello All-

    I'm selling my 98 e36 m3 3/4/5. I've owned this car for the last four years and recently accepted a job in Boston which means I must part with it. This car has maintenance history from every owner which covers just about every bolt that has been touched on it. This car has high mileage, 240,xxx, but as many of you know, the s52 can go the distance if taken care of properly (which this has). I've personally driven it coast to coast and never had an issue. Car still pulls very hard.
    -I created a full document that overviews the maintenance that has been done in my four years of ownership. There may be a few small things missing but that has all of the big jobs. 90% of the parts that have been replaced on this car were replaced with proper OEM supplier parts. Corners were never cut to save a dollar.

    Big maintenance
    -Car had a full clutch job done at 212k all OEM supplier parts and flywheel resurfaced
    -All bushings on the car were replaced around 207,000
    -Shifter bushing refresh kit 207k
    -Spark plugs 207k
    -All o2 sensors 213k
    -Full brake kit 228k
    -Alternator 213k
    -Starter 238k
    -Steering Rack with Inner and Outer Tie rods/ alignment 239k
    -Oil changes done every 3-4k with OEM filters and 5w-30 Mobile 1 high mileage
    -All fluids flushed in the last 10k
    -All window motors cleaned and tracks greased including sunroof
    -Many more things, please refer to Google Document above

    -Nardi steering wheel, Nardi steering wheel hub adapter, and Nardi shift knob (all can be removed, do have the stock steering wheel and shift knob)
    -BC coilovers
    -SPC rear trailing camber arms
    -UUC exhaust (sounds amazing)
    -Thule roof rack
    -DDM tuning HID headlight package (bulbs just replaced)
    -All fenders have been rolled. They were done by a professional and were not done quickly or on the cheap. I love the way they came out. Back two are perfect. One of the fronts has a small wave in it.

    This car is 20 years old but still drives very strong. Has no mechanical issues and doesn't have any scheduled maintenance for the next few thousand miles. Interior and exterior are in great shape for the age. Wheels are in great shape. Comes with a full set of spare summer tires. Gathers attention everywhere it goes.


    *This list may seem long, but it's a 20-year-old car and pointing out everything in order to mitigate the risk of any surprises*
    -Has temporary head unit. The volume knob on OEM one just stopped working
    -Exterior door handle gaskets need replacing. Very cheap, just do not have time.
    -Front seats need pink gears replaced in order to decline. Motors work great.
    -E-brake needs to be tightened (will try to do soon)
    -Front fender has small wave dent (very cheap to fix)
    -Headliner and all pillars were replaced a few months back with micro-suede material that and 3m adhesive. Unfortunately, the shops finish product had a few imperfections. Still look 100x better than most I see but it should be mentioned.
    If I am missing anything else and if comes to my attention in the near future I will add it.

    All in all this is a solid car that has been well maintained. THIS CAR IS NOT A PERFECT SHOW CAR, and will not be priced like one for that reason!
    Price- $6,600 OBO
    Location- Southern New Jersey ( I'm currently living in Princeton but the car is in South Jersey. Will show car for serious inquiries)
    I look forward to answering any questions.

    Thanks for looking!
    PS- Photos were taken by a family member and car is not a clean as I would have liked and wheels spacers and extended lugs were removed.

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