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Thread: M5 revitalized

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnmzl View Post
    Amazing how we all start with "I'll just replace this little sucker to prevent future headaches" and then we end up with an overhaul.
    Looking good, watching this one for sure!
    Story of my life haha! Its a sickness I think but I don't mind going over board, Thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSapphireTribe View Post
    Thanks for the excellent pictures!!
    My pleasure, I enjoy the photography as much as the fab work, Thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by nsogiba View Post
    Very cool! Please keep us posted of all the details as you build the headers.
    Will do my friend!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tate View Post
    Love the E39 M5....... Always wanted one, but regrettably they are essentially impossible to get where I live currently; so if you don't mind, I shall live vicariously through you.
    BTW, are these headers gong to be as crazy as everything else that you build?
    Dude I am sorry to hear that, hopefully this build helps as much as possible.

    Quote Originally Posted by issa_m3 View Post
    M5's are such a cool car, id love to own one
    Get one! They are fairly cheap all things considered, except for the parts and maintenance....

    Quote Originally Posted by thirtynine View Post
    This is spurring me on to get stuck into my own M5. Love it! Please keep us updated with your progress.
    Its one of those things where you kinda just have to jump and bite the bullet, totally worth it if you plan to keep it long term. I always tell myself where else can you get 400hp, 6 speed, 4 doors, rear wheel drive for well under $20K. New Chevy SS is the only true alternative I feel..

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    I was a little skeptical about buying one of these due to all the needed replacements and potential nightmares, but after browsing this thread, I'm confident that none of it is difficult to overcome. I'll be checking out some other threads of yours for sure!

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    New tools! cheap ones at that

    It bores holes, I am sorry I wish it was more interesting than that

    I need to open these about 1/8" to reach the 1 3/4" I.D.

    Boring was a surprisingly fast process, drilling the flange thru bolt holes now

    Mini production mode

    Cut a small relief to help with centering the tubing when fabricating the runners

    The final product


    Now to the not so fun part, tearing these super sprints apart and then we can start the header building process!

    This took many hours of fighting to get these things all back apart

    Now that they are apart the really fun stuff can start

    Next update will involve many tubes being cut and tacked

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