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Thread: F80 M3 San Marino / Amaro

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    Another vote for the OZ's but regardless that color makes my pants tight!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ErosRiot View Post
    That is pure sexiness right there... absolute stunning!! You have a new fan over in Cape Town, South Africa!!

    Gotta admit, I am a JDM kinda guy, but I can appreciate a good build... keep up the great work Bro.
    Thanks a lot!

    Quote Originally Posted by JonnyBeton View Post
    Absolute Stunning.
    these wheels, wow.
    Thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by scweet14 View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by CaleCro View Post
    BMW 3er in proper meaning... astonishing. Combination of color, interior, rims....oh

    Radinox.... did you test it to some curb... i did... will never again put anything instead of Radinox for lips
    Thank you! Radinox has a much deeper shine than alu.

    Quote Originally Posted by DawsonLiri View Post
    Looks really great with the Hartge!
    Thnak you!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jerome89 View Post
    Stunning... Not the biggest fan of the Hartge wheels, I like the OZ's better but none the less a gorgeous car!!
    Appreciate it. I love both wheel setups.

    Quote Originally Posted by howyadoin View Post
    Another vote for the OZ's but regardless that color makes my pants tight!
    Thank you sir!


    Around a year ago I was on the verge to sell these wheels, but we didn't agree on a price. I'm so happy I didn't end up selling them and did a complete rebuild.

    '18 BMW F80 M3 San Marino blue / Amaro brown

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    JUST WOW!!! what other plans do you have for it?

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