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    So with a lack of moneys and an abundance of old legos in the basement, I am only able to modify my car so much on a budget. So viola; fully built from scratch lego cars I made. What began as a nice little past time evolved into a mild obsession. Their height and camber are, adjustable of course. I have a few currently 100% finished and some WIP projects as well. Here's pictures

    Legocars 002

    Legocars 005

    Legocars 007

    Legocars 008

    Legocars 011

    [url=]Legocars 013[

    Legocars 018

    Legocars 019

    Legocars 022

    Legocars 025

    Legocars 028

    Legocars 031

    Legocars 032

    Legocars 034 copy

    Legocars 036

    Legocars 039

    Legocars 042

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    Haha, thats rad.
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    Photo by Alex Dooley

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    turns down work pc, goes home and looks for old lego

    this is way cool man!

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    back in the days my parents would have asked if I stepped on them by accident
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    High 21! It's like a high 5 but includes both hands, both feet and a boner.

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    This is absolutely awesome man, makes me wish I brought my lego with me when I moved to the states!
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    *pats Sebs head*
    there there.
    keep calm, go mash your face on a car window.

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    This is so cool! Hahahaha
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    So rad

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    Found my new goal while playing Legos with my kid...

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    Cool idea.

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    Honestly I’m glad I took a peek at the off topic becuase this is totally 18+ car porn

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    So cool, love it!
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    It looks cool. I even regret that in my childhood there was no such lego.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JuanitaTowler View Post
    It looks cool. I even regret that in my childhood there was no such lego.
    Totally agreed with you!

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    Thumbs up

    zurück in die zukunft.

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    so beautiful.Thanks.

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    Oh...God this looks so lit

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