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Originally Posted by whit3b0y View Post
This is the reason god invented dynamat! Maybe some spray foam as well.
Shits def got potentials. GL with the bastard child, ganna need it.... But it looks like your headed in the right direction. Some more pavement and some wheels will help that.
all crevices are filled with foam including the front and rear window supports, and the whole roof and trunk lid is covered in dynamat like product. the roof flexed allot more than than it does now .
Originally Posted by Cuatro View Post
I remember when I thought a system that went BOOM was cool. Then I turned 18...
im 19 and still lovin it. not my first time around a big system this car started with 2 10's then 4 12's , 2 15's , 1 15, 4 12's again , and now my current 2 15's setup.
Originally Posted by Walnuts View Post
I was thinking about doing two sa-12s on a ap-30001
i love sundown audio and my ap1800 has taken a brutal beating. wired down to .5 dropping to 11's but now with my kinetic hc2400 it has even more output. but i would recommend you spend a little more and get a better amp because audiopipe's are power hungry.
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