View Full Version : Spring Help on E36, have ddm coils need stiffer rear springs

Eric M
05-17-2010, 05:31 PM
Hey guys,

The stock e36 ddm coils are way to soft in the back (I think they are 550f 350r or something along those lines). I want to get something stiffer that makes sense for the geometry of the car (since the springs have less distance in the back and need to be stiffer) along with the ability to rub less. Any one know what kind of spring I can order/ where to order it from. I think I want to go with 650r. I want to keep the distance of the original springs for the shocks as it feels fine travel wise. I tried calling ddm but no one there seemed to know anything about their coils since they are discontinued. Anyone know what type of spring I need i.e length, diameter, etc...?

Any help would be appreciated