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Drifting: *Alrighty folks, here we go again. *If you don't know where this venue is, just go to maps.google.com and search for Mineral Wells Airport, TX. *Click on the satellite pic and you can see where we play VERY clearly. The lot is HUGE, and we often hit speeds of around 100mph on entry. *Everyone is welcome to come out and drive even if it is your first time. *We have people to instruct you, and help you through your first day. *Drivers meeting is at 9:30 am or slightly after, and we drive until around 4:30-5:30 pm. *This is the last Mineral Wells date to practice before the LONESTARBASH comes to us in MAY.

Car Meet: *Come hang out in a fun atmosphere with a bunch of people with cool cars. *Ride along with the drifters, get some pointers, and be a part of the Texas scene. *We regularly have some really cool cars out at Mineral Wells, and you don't have to worry about getting kicked out by cops or standing around without anything fun to do. *Regular cars that attend our events include about 8 LS1 swapped import cars, 2JZ swapped cars, a V8 AE86, tons of turbo 240sx's, BMWs, 350Zs, etc. *You will have fun! *Bring a helmet so you can ride along with the drifters!

Media: *We will be shooting some cars on Saturday before the event, and then again on the Sunday of the event. *The photographer is looking for cool cars to shoot for blogs such as Motormavens.com, Speedhunters.com, Stanceworks.com, and many others. *He also has work featured in magazines such as S3 Magazine, and all the major import tuner mags. *Here is a link to the photographers flickr stream. *http://www.flickr.com/photos/evinsj

Here is the home thread for this if you are reading on other forums besides Fabricatedmotorsports.com. * http://fabricatedmotorsports.com/forum/index.php?topic=1723.0


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I thought I would toss this in here, it is a recap of an amazing event I just had a part in down in Houston.


Ok, here we go.....

I was contacted several months ago by the gentlemen at Import Reactor and Anime Matsuri to throw them a drift event. *They wanted the drift event to be big, awesome, fast, at naight, with walls, etc. *I was excited to be a part of this, so I agreed to do it. *Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Maydaygarage.com was a huge part of everything. *

We went about making this awesome by hand selecting the drivers that would come, then the venue, then adding everything that a cool event needs. *John wanted to do it at night, and he wanted it to be fast, so we did that. *The other John likes to do everything big so he went through the effort of getting Van Gitten Jr down to class the joint up, along with Smokey Nagata. *Then they had the cool idea of getting the car show people involved by basically raffling the drifters off to them, which turned out extremely cool. *

So, after lots of planning, taking care of all the details I drove down on Tuesday night to start the preparations for the event. *I had already been down to the track to scout everything out earlier in the week, and had just thrown the road course GSS event a couple days prior, so this was a lot of time on the road. *But anyways I went down and crashed at Chelsea's house, got up in the morning, had some Panera Bread, and headed over to GGP. There was a huge fork lift that was waiting for me, which was one of the highlights of my weekend. *That thing was rad! *We spent all day trying to get the Krails on the ground, along with the fencing, course layout, etc. *I got to drive a bit and tandem around which was fun between working, and around midnight or so I got to leave and go to sleep. *Oh yeah, I ate dinner with Derrick and JR's dad, who is crazy lol! *I woke up early and got breakfast again and planned out the schedule with a John, and went back to work. *I setup all day long, kept everything on schedule, and as luck would have it, pretty much everything went super smooth! *Van Gitten gave ride alongs, entertained the crowd, and was professional. *JRod announced, my volunteers kept everything going, the drivers were awesome, the lights were bright, and the crowd was happy. *Stew won, Sammi Tiger got second, and Ameen got third. *There was some awesome driving, along with some 14 car tandem with JR leading, Speedhunters coverage, professional camera stuff going on, etc. *

After the event I was there stupid late cleaning, and I could barely walk that night, I was a zombie. *We woke up the next day and had Panera AGAIN, and went over to the Anime/Car show. *It was extremely classy, in a SWANK area, with something like 10000+ anime kids running around. *It was huge, they rented out an entire hotel in a swank area, and the event was really well thrown. *Stew and Russell got thrown out of the event for doing burnouts, but they were able to come back in after their cars were removed. *

I just want to say thanks to Anime Matsuri, Maydaygarage, and Import Reactor for letting me be a part of this. *I was proud to put on the drifting show, and you guys did Texas drift scene a great service by putting so much of your resources behind it. *I hope all my drivers contact the organizers and personally thank them.

Here is a bit of media coverage. *More will be up soon, and it will be awesome!




This is one of the Johns on the left everyone needs to thank for the event. *He was the resources and a lot of the logistics behind it. *

Here is Derrick rockng the brat. *He was about the second closest person to the wall time after time next to JR, Sammi and Russell.

My friend Sammi. *Too fast to be captured by film, even when out of his car.




Maydaygarage took the effort to go around before the event and put up drivers bio's for a lot of the drivers which was awesome too, with full photo shoots and everything. *Please go to Maydaygarage.com for all of them, but here are a few of them below. *

http://maydaygarage.com/2010/03/24/i-r-dri...-hooters-drift/ (http://maydaygarage.com/2010/03/24/i-r-drift-driver-profile-joshua-steele-hooters-drift/)

http://maydaygarage.com/2010/03/22/i-r-dri...-gnarley-drift/ (http://maydaygarage.com/2010/03/22/i-r-drift-driver-profile-chelsea-denofa-gnarley-drift/)

http://maydaygarage.com/2010/03/18/i-r-dri...n-brad-burnett/ (http://maydaygarage.com/2010/03/18/i-r-drift-driver-profile-wild-man-brad-burnett/)

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go support Texas drifting!

cant wait for Lone Star Bash.