View Full Version : stolen side moldings

10-10-2009, 06:36 PM
came out to my car after i got off work today and my fuckin side moldings are gone :(... i fucking **** people!

B Rod
10-10-2009, 06:58 PM
Gay. People have no respect.

10-10-2009, 07:20 PM
i had my buddy joe who works LP, look back through the cameras and sees this car pull up near my car and a guy gets out and walks toward my car just after i get to work around 11am


does anyone know what it is? i dont even recognize it... maybe a probe... front end doesnt look like it though...

B Rod
10-10-2009, 07:54 PM
Looks like a 2.5RS to me.

10-10-2009, 08:12 PM
that sounds like a good call to me...

totally forgot about those cars

10-10-2009, 11:23 PM
Kinda looks like a GC8?

10-10-2009, 11:37 PM
The side moldings don't have bolts?

That does suck, hopefully you find them and with the side moldings still so you can beat them across the face with it.

10-11-2009, 03:08 PM
The fuck dude, who does that.

10-11-2009, 06:25 PM
rear window area looks like an escort

10-11-2009, 09:27 PM
I spy a hood scoop, i say 2.5rs

10-11-2009, 09:40 PM
me and several buddies of mine are gonna go troll the local ricer hangouts see what we can find...

i posted this pic on my facebook and an old friend from high school said he thinks he knows someone with a lowerd dark blue 2.5 rs, says the dudes kinda sketchy too.... so we'll see where that leads too

i live in a town of about 35,000 people not big, but not the sticks either... so im hoping if i keep asking questions i eventually find an answer

10-11-2009, 09:57 PM
steal his hood scoop

10-12-2009, 12:42 AM
Looks like a 2.5RS to me.

10-12-2009, 02:07 PM
shit in his hood scoop


10-12-2009, 02:33 PM
^ I actually lawl'd.
But really hope you find the fucker.

10-12-2009, 02:54 PM
But really hope you find the fucker.

totally agree

10-13-2009, 11:42 PM
once again came out to my car after work and the rest of my side moldings were gone including the clips he left the first time... FUCK...

originally he only took the ones on the doors now all of them are gone... even down the little rubber condom looking things you put in to the actual door

also a buddy of mine called me a bit ago and said he saw a black lowered w/ body kit and big gay wing RS leave his neighborhood today... unforunatly it is an extreamley large development.... but atleast i know he hangs around the area... meaning chances are probably pretty good i can keep asking questions and get an answer...

i still cant belive this shit....

10-14-2009, 10:39 AM
damn dude that sucks!
where do u work? keep an eye out at work if u can

B Rod
10-14-2009, 11:01 AM
FUCKING A dude. This is absurd. Were you able to get any security camera views this time to see if it was the same car?

10-14-2009, 11:43 AM
are you fuckin serious! dude im pissed and thats not even my car

i hope you get yours

10-14-2009, 02:20 PM
Sounds like you should get a Trunk Monkey


10-14-2009, 02:49 PM
WOW! Shitbags.

10-14-2009, 04:20 PM
checked out the cameras today and they were pointed at a different part of the parking lot :(

but i got new parking privlages can now park up front right were the camera goes to by default, in a way that if he pulled up there i would be gaurteed to get his plate... oh and i work at jcpenny, where unforuatly there isnt any windows...

im about to go troll the neighborhoods near where my friend saw the car that matched the description...

10-14-2009, 05:24 PM
mad325is is mad. Sorry to hear, id be pissed :mad