StanceWorks Forums: Under Maintenance

-April 24, 2017-

StanceWorks Forums: Under Maintenance

Mike Burroughs

The StanceWorks forums are currently undergoing a much-needed overhaul to combat the onslaught of spam that has long since plagued the boards. Please be patient with us over the next day or two as we overhaul our software, implement new anti-spam measures, and do everything we can to reignite the forum community. Thanks for your patience!

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Comments on StanceWorks Forums: Under Maintenance

  • Michael Burroughs

    Sorry for any inconvenience, guys. We hope these new measures will solve the problems we’ve been facing for more than a year. Apologies it has taken this long to make a change. Please let us know if you have any questions!

  • Bastien Bochmann

    I’m excited! This can only mean good things! :)
    Thanks guys!

  • Bootlegger85

    I might be a negative nancy here, but it doesnt bode all that well when even the comments on this post are scam links trying to sell steroids tbh

  • Andrew Ritter

    The battle against spam on a site this large is a challenge, but we’re doing our best and working to improve it. We appreciate your patience. Thanks.

  • Steve Hayward

    We’re grateful for the downtime if it means less spam. I’d wager that’s one of the main reasons traffic/engagement seems to be down, at least from my perspective.

  • Bruce Wood

    Cool, seems as if this is the way all forums are going. I know VSC changed theirs recently. I look forward to what’s to come!

  • kamrul

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  • Ilya Ponomarev

    we’ll wait

  • Michel Mulder

    Day 4: still not able to access the SW Forums…. I wonder how much longer I’m going to have to suffer :(

    But, I hope you guys get all that shit sorted!

  • kamrul

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  • Alexander Joyce

    Hey Mike — I’ve been trying to request a password reset for my account, but I never receive the email. You think you could help me out with recovering my account once the Forums are live again? Thanks.

  • Lynn Libbrecht

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