Aesthetics – The Lowtography Show by Keith Ross

-March 28, 2017-

Aesthetics – The Lowtography Show by Keith Ross

Mike Burroughs

The beauty of automotive enthusiasm is its breadth. In ways that are nothing short of inspiring, the automotive world is able to offer a bit of something to everyone, no matter your vice. One segment we often admire from afar is the community of lowriders; rich in detail and thorough in their builds, the upper echelon of lowrider builds often outshine anything else they share the lot with. This past weekend, our friend Keith Ross brought along his camera to the Lowtography Show in Phoenix, and did what he tends to do best... Other than building cars of his own, of course.


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Comments on Aesthetics – The Lowtography Show by Keith Ross

  • Jack White

    I think this is the first article I’ve ever seen with a repeated picture, not fussed though because they’re fantastic, how sharp are those pinstripes that fade out at the front! Wow!

  • Moses

    Why the repeat photo of the T-Bird and the Impala

  • Jack Ross

    i generally don’t like images with women posing with cars, but for whatever reason – maybe the authenticity of the moment captured? Love that first one.

  • Alexander

    Lol why does it matter. First off the repeat for the impala was because that impala picture was used for the cover of the article. And second, the Thunderbird was obviously an accident.

  • Ana

    So beautiful pictures ! Congrats to the photographer, keep doing !

  • Keith Ross

    I completely agree. That may be the first time I’ve ever shot a car with a model in the scene. She was actually posing for another photographer. I still tried to highlight the car through focus and light. The practice of women posing with cars in lowrider culture has been popular for decades and I felt there was a little of that story in the image without making the model the primary subject.

  • Keith Ross

    Thank you!

  • Sunny Yadav

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