StanceWorks Revisits – Nic and Stephanie Foster’s BMW E21 320i

-June 17, 2016-

StanceWorks Revisits – Nic and Stephanie Foster’s BMW E21 320i

Mike Burroughs

It's been some time - more than four years in all - since we've last taken a look at the Fosters' E21; however, like a good scotch, "Mr. Belvedere," as the 320i is known, has only grown better with age.

At first glance, little, if anything, has changed with "Mr. B." The Sepang Bronze paint still shines flawlessly, and the Ronal Racing splits still pair perfectly with the car they're mounted to. The E21 that many herald as the end-all of the chassis still holds its place, unwaveringly. For some, it's a deeper look that reveals it's all within the details. For others, it's clear from the get go: the Fosters have managed to improve upon perfection, taking Mr. Belvedere to new heights (and lows).

In the time since we've last seen the E21, the LEDA coilovers have been swapped out for Air Lift Performance universal struts and digital management. Combined with a completely custom subframe built by Nic and and Ryan Shaeffer of "ItsJustMetal" and custom bump stops, the car sits better than ever, with the arches avoiding peril thanks to some ingenious engineering.

Inside the car, Stephanie's houndstooth work still compliments the paintwork perfectly - additionally, a new Italvolanti wheel has been installed, personalizing the car's interior even further. As a partner of Rennstall, it should come as no surprised that a custom suede-textured black delrin RSKT1 shift knob sits perched atop the transmission. Rear window louvers, fitted before the onslaught of followers in his wake, bring forth the only exterior modification, but help to complete a cohesive theme and style.

In another four years, we'll revisit once again, assured to find improvements that continue to build upon a truly inspiring car. In the interim, our friends and followers in the Pacific North West will have to keep their eyes peeled for Mr. B's elusive appearances - it's a car you don't want to miss.






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  • Mercedes007

    So so clean!

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    Seriously love your work guys, thanks for continually bringing us high quality reportage :)

  • Regeneracja turbiny

    Amazing! Amazing! :)

  • Levioffthewall

    Where could i find the old article of this car? Love it and i’d love to see more

  • rockorpse

    You can just type foster on the search tab below sir ☺

  • Levioffthewall

    rockorpse Thanks dude!

  • BranTheDon_

    You didn’t mention they nixed the inner grille fogs! Way cleaner look now.

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    nice car. i love it’s. abcya

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