STOLEN – The StanceWorks FJ62 Land Cruiser Has Been Stolen in Orange County, CA

-April 6, 2016-

STOLEN – The StanceWorks FJ62 Land Cruiser Has Been Stolen in Orange County, CA

Mike Burroughs

Last night, the StanceWorks FJ62 Land Cruiser was stolen from Tustin, Orange County CA. Please help us spread the word and hopefully bring our project truck home.

1988 FJ62 Land Cruiser
Blue/Grey in Color
TN License Plate, 58367AA
Has an ARB front bumper, SuperWinch, 3-Spoke LodioDrive wheels, Nitto Trail Grappler tires, and a newly installed swing out rear bumper.
It's a very distinctive truck, especially the wheels. If you see the truck, or any of the parts pop up for sale please call the police.




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Comments on STOLEN – The StanceWorks FJ62 Land Cruiser Has Been Stolen in Orange County, CA

  • jackhossross

    this is insane

  • GolfBavaria


  • GolfBavaria

    That is crazy, sorry to hear that Mike, will keep eyes open……hopefully it will turn up quick.

  • tcworley

    Ugh – the worst! Wishing you loads of luck recovering!

  • Denis Chumakov

    Entschuldigung, aber das ist schleicht der Artikel. Zwei Fotos und ein Auto, welche wir haben schon drei mal gesehen. und wie veil noch können wir das sehen?

  • rlreynoldsjr

    SO sorry to hear that. I just got to enjoy the write up on your last trip in it. I hope you find it and the people that took it. JERKS!

  • RichieStover

    Wow. Just yesterday I read the article and it became my iPad background. They stole the wrong truck. Good luck

  • phet_fresh


  • WolfRichter

    Denis Chumakov Kannst du auch nur ein Wort Englisch?

  • jrsmith43 minutes ago
    Your right that this is a distinctive truck as it looks to be a rarer Dark Blue Metallic 8B4 example, as they are far more common in white, blue, red and various shades of beige.

    It’s a real shame as it was a great example of the LC by someone who looked like they were going to keep it both in use and well preserved.  

    Best of luck on the recovery.  People should look for the body color and fact that all of the chrome trim is detailed to a high polish if they see a possible cruiser on the street.  It is unfortunate, but the front ARB bumper and LadioDrive wheels could be removed in attempt to sell them separately pretty quickly and if people aren’t looking past that the truck could just drive right by.

    This truck had recently sparked my long standing hope to replace my old Isuzu Trooper II with a FJ62 Cruiser.

  • Fast_N_loW


  • Fook

    i know the feeling

  • JakWhite

    That sucks ass! Shame I’m the other side of the pond so sharing it won’t make much odds, I really hope it turns up as I’ve enjoyed the recent content you’ve been sharing with us! If you find it I suggest getting a tracker fitted, Land Rovers over here have had a recent increase of thefts so specialists have been releasing and backing some good setups.

  • voltron88x
  • JakWhite

    Glad to hear you got it back!

  • rlreynoldsjr

    So Mike DID get it back? I really hope so. I see they took the front bumper and winch. Sad that you can’t have something for yourself nowadays. smh

  • KurtCroucher

    Yeah great to see that the cruiser has been recovered ( mostly ), but i wanna know more about that Dominos delivery monster!!

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