The Daily Grind: Chasing Dreams

-January 4, 2016-

The Daily Grind: Chasing Dreams

Mike Burroughs

Our Daily Grind series has always been about documenting the internal growth of StanceWorks. From the cars that make up our fleet, to the friends that make up our family, and of course, the gears that keep StanceWorks running as a whole, the Daily Grind aims to show what happens on our side of the screen. In our last few pieces, it seems that every facet of S|W continues to grow and find its way. Fortunately, for our first inside look in 2016, the momentum hasn't waned in the slightest. Best of all, it seems that at StanceWorks, we're starting 2016 by chasing dreams.

Just a few short weeks ago, Cory Hutchison arrived in California, having made the journey from his home town of Smyrna, Tennessee. Throughout my own college years, Cory was both a roommate and a best friend, there to instigate the antics that helped StanceWorks grow into the unique character it is today. His dreams of leaving a mark on the automotive world weren't suited to the outskirts of Nashville; instead, he knew that west coast served as far more fertile soil for his ambitions. Needless to say, with a set of Hankooks, he's already begun to make his mark, and StanceWorks welcomes a long-time member back to the family.

Meanwhile, I've been busy chasing dreams of my own, and ironically, back in Tennessee. After my experience with BMW's E28 M5 through the foothills of Italy, owning such a car moved to the top of my bucket list. With M5 prices skyrocketing day by day, the fear of never acquiring one of my own offered a newfound sense of motivation to secure my dream car. After months of searching for the right project car, the ideal example surfaced. I travelled home to Franklin, Tennessee, where I pulled an '88 M5 from its grave. Parked for more than 15 years, and last registered in 1994, this M5 has unquestionably seen better days. However, its lack of rust and straight body will serve as the ultimate canvas for my first-ever restoration.

Further chasing dreams of my own, my girlfriend and I welcomed a new member to our own family over the weekend. I've long since said that my ideal future includes two important components: a good truck, and a dog to ride in it. For some time, I've had the truck, and now, we've got a companion to ride along. We adopted Chloe, a 3-year-old pup in need of a new home. She's quick to learn, eager for affection, and lives for those moments with her nose out the truck window. I can say already that I've never made a better decision.

Over the weekend, to welcome in the new year and to give the new pup her first trip off road, we went out to the Cleveland National Park for a bit of fun. Truck troubles kept us from anything too exciting; however, we did manage to get a bit wet and have some fun.

We enjoyed some amazing views as the sun fell behind the mountains, all in good spirits for what is to come of the new year. As the S|W family expands along with its slew of cars and projects, we're eager to see what the coming months bring. Next on the list: Rusty's return from Germany, and the first firing of the race-prepped motor. But for now, it's Monday, and we're back to the Daily Grind.





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Comments on The Daily Grind: Chasing Dreams


    Great new additions, both furry and metal. These daily grinds sure are nice little updates

  • e28_S38

    Congrats on your e28 M5 acquisition. I bought mine in ’96 when all I had was a girlfriend, a mountain bike, and a couple pair of skis. I can hardly believe that was 20 years ago. It still makes me smile every time that amazing S38 fires up on the first twist of the key. A very special thing indeed. I look forward to reading about your restoration. So pleased you have the passion and what sounds like the perseverance to see it through.

  • Shamus

    Congratulations mate, I look forward to seeing how things come along with the m5, keep it up.

  • Mike_StanceWorks

    _PEITRUS_ We’re glad you enjoy them!

  • Mike_StanceWorks

    e28_S38 Thank you, immensely. Your story is inspiring. I hope to have mine just as long. Kudos for keeping yours on the road and alive.

  • Mike_StanceWorks

    @Shamus Thanks Shamus!

  • ioncelfals

    i like you guys. and the dog is a great plus

  • Levioffthewall

    Love these updates! Best of luck with the M5 hope to see loads of progress on that one, maybe try recording some of the build and drop it on youtube?

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