MACHETE & the Foster E21

-October 24, 2014-

MACHETE & the Foster E21

Mike Burroughs

Nic and Stephanie Foster's E21 deserves every bit of recognition it can muster up. As one of the most admired E21s on the planet, there's no shortage of folks seeking to photograph their build; however, Nic and Steph are selective people. When media does surface, be it photos or video, there's never a doubt that the quality will be unparalleled. The team at MACHETE is the most recent to have their take on the car, and it goes to show that only the best work with the best.

For more of MACHETE's work, as well as a full article on the car, be sure to check out the Forza Motorsport blog, where the car has been given its rightful dues in the latest Heavy Metal Affliction article.

Heavy Metal Affliction


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