Under the Digital Knife – Kevin Trower Re-imagines the Classics

-October 30, 2013-

Under the Digital Knife – Kevin Trower Re-imagines the Classics

Mike Burroughs

While StanceWorks is home to many facets of the automotive world, it's the obscure and unique that often pique our excitement. Our friend and photographer, Kevin Trower, shares these same interests - however, he takes things one interesting and beautiful step forward. Over the past few months, Kevin has spent his time splicing, blending, merging, and chopping together a collection of photoshopped classics, ranging from vintage Subarus to iconic Cadillacs, each with their own humorous and unique style. As each photo made its way to his personal blog, I found my excitement growing more and more, yearning for the chance to share his creations with our community.



Each car has received its own set of wheels and a suitable stance, ranging from low-riding land-yachts to poked econoboxes. The massaged classic ads and dated press images culminate into a sort of "visualized day dream" of what we only wish we could get our hands on. Kevin has taken a wider view, toying with cars few acknowledge and fewer love, instead of the run-of-the-mill sports coupes of the '90s through now. Each car is sure to leave you with a smile; photos are worth 1000 words, and photoshopped classic car ads are worth a little bit more. Enjoy.






























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Comments on Under the Digital Knife – Kevin Trower Re-imagines the Classics

  • Hombre3000

    Incredible work.

  • PaulStanding

    great stuff, some really cool ideas there! Be sure to check out Octagonalpaul Designs on facebook if you like this sort of thing: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Octagonalpaul-Designs/352759098173892

  • SvetoJanota

    Very cool, superb idea and realization

  • JonathanLake

    Absolutely amazing archive of photos. Great idea too. I’m lost for words…

  • Wires

    Great idea, I see a trend coming!

  • demello

    5. Monza Club Coupe –> what is this ? I’m in love

  • sharpiecoop

    OMG – the Eldorado, Fiat 128 and Chevy Comfort… these are…. I have no words….. so much WANT! Great work, great images!

  • frycu

    blow me away!!

  • PierceJones1

    Its a Chevy Corvair

  • LorenzoBataille

    Great ideas for the setiings too!

  • GregHumbledinosaurBrown

    SO ILL!! ALL OF IT! @AnderwKalotai

  • petachr

    always liked the corvair.. the render looks awesome.

  • ChrisScherzer

    OMG… I love this. Classic JDM FTW! Please do more of these; much more.

  • _Dirty_

    what year is that Alfa Romeo?

  • muradstas123

    straight riding ultimate klasse’s slong

  • bevels

    These are freakin awesome!!! But no love for the Mazda rotary :(

  • http://abovemountaintops.tumblr.com/ Tinj

    Such spot on wheel selections. That Olds’ wagon needs to be a real thing.

  • SteveBerndsen

    Limited edition run of Stanceworks prints or shirts?

  • BitMutt

    @SteveBerndsen +1 Would be interested.

  • JesperGrundstrom

    Speechless! I which I could go back in time…  demand wallpaper resolutions!!

  • ThomasKlimp

    Awesome stuff! Only a bit dissapointing he did’nt do a Volvo 121, would love to have a stanced advert of my car!

  • SLV

    @Apex Mutt  @SteveBerndsen 
    Me too, would be great!

  • Vlasblom

    Cool to see some Dutch ads. How ironic to see the Nissan Laurel “op eenzame hoogte” (at lonely heights) as it seems pretty low to me..

  • darkyoshi154

    I have the model year newer than the olds wagon in blue!! Aways wanted to see one low so this is great!

  • Jack

    what model is that first BMW?

  • EvolveWRC

    All cars look good when they’re low, even if it’s a very basic model

  • andr3er

    after that I added 20 new cars to my wish list…so sad :) :)

  • guest

    I’ve never seen funnier

  • Option86

    One of the best features on S/W yet! Amazing work!

  • http://slrman.wordpress.com/ James Smith

    I have an example of stance working in the real world of my 1967 Autocross Corvair.  See:  http://i1181.photobucket.com/albums/x425/slrman/67Corvair5_zps531c9cf5.jpg
    This car could be driven on the street and frequently was.  It also was autocrossed very successfully for 7 years and was never defeated by an American V-8 Sedan.

  • johnygezony

    I would totally rock that woody wagon. What a gnarly ride that would be

  • doubleoh9

    i would buy a t-shirt of any of these!! love this stuff

  • ryanghendricks

    Some nice rides… Not a big fan of rear wheel toe angles though…

  • PaulWilson1

    Any chance of a Renault 5 GT Turbo one ?

  • ajnardo

    besides the ruined sirocco that’s pretty badass. i cant wait til i have the time to build a old jap car.

  • BenHunter


  • rmmb

    @_Dirty_ 60s Junior GTV

  • TjCaldwell

    I never thought to stance a xj6..

  • hanablemoore

    excellent work. would be great home or garage artworks

  • http://high-top-fade.blogspot.com/ Prkbkr

    Fantastic work! Juuuust perhaps worth noting where a large percentage of the wheels used in many of the images is sourced from? Haha, wink wiiink.

  • Kevin
  • Hagen

    The first C32 Laurel is from a Norwegian car magazine. “Autofil”, “Norsk motorveteran” or something like that.

  • z chopper

    a 1972 sunny 1200 sedan would look sweet

  • AndrewAveryMiddleton

    Some good cars there – destroyed… Good thing it’s just photoshop.. Great skills on the Mac though :)

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