World Unveiling: The BMW M4 Coupe Concept

-August 15, 2013-

World Unveiling: The BMW M4 Coupe Concept

Mike Burroughs

The BMW M4 Concept- Today at Pebble Beach, near Monterey, California, BMW of North America pulled back the silver satin veil that covered one of the biggest changes to hit the company in recent years. Before the all-new 4-series has even hit dealerships, BMW has announced and revealed the concept behind BMW Motorsport's latest creation - the M4. While the namesake alone is causing commotion amongst diehard fans and 3-series enthusiasts, one thing is certain: the M4 is a truly astounding piece of machinery.

bmw m4 coupe yellow


bmw m4 concept pebble beach



Aside from the aesthetics, little is known about the all new Motorsport-bred coupe. As is par for the course with concept cars, the powerplant is still under lockdown, as are most of the technical specs. However, the lines, details, and styling of the car all point very closely to how we expect the final production model to look. Under the electric I-cant-tell-if-that's-yellow-or-if-that's-green paint lies an aggressive, sleek, and impressive counterpart to the 4-series coupe. We're eager to see more as BMW releases details, but until then, you know as much as we do. How do you like the M4 Concept? We're in love already.

Bmw m4 concept taillights


BMW m4 concept mirrors bmw m4 concept coupe bmw m4 concept coupe headlights new bmw m4 concept coupe wheels


bmw m4 concept unveiling bmw m4 concept coupe exhaust tips bmw m4 concept coupe brakes bmw m4 concept front bmw m4 coupe roof


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Comments on World Unveiling: The BMW M4 Coupe Concept


    Can I get one of these pics in Hi-Res please???

  • SamClark

    I’ve just had a crisis

  • Alex Tji

    Now imagine exactly this car performed by the Liberty Walk. I wish someday…Amazing post, guys!

  • SvetoJanota

    This car and Imolarot  ….. me like

  • Maurice Bergers

    @Alex Tji That’ll look amazing, no doubt!

  • NealMolyneaux

    I dunno… I still like the E46 M3 better.

  • ChristopherLoos

    The M gods have spoken! Flawless.

  • petachr

    the color is phoenix yellow

  • NickReed

    This gets a big yes from me. Completely Flawless

  • heavystarch

    @petachr It may be something of a tribute to earlier colors like Phoenix Yellow but the official color name from BMW is “Aurum Dust” meaning “Gold Dust” (Aurum is latin for Gold – on the periodic table Gold is represented by the symbol “Au”)

  • kev025

    MFAIL!!!  and what’s with those wheels – freakin’ barf!!! c’mon BMW I don’t want to start leaning toward Mercedes…

  • lukas13x

    @kev025 You’re a fail. Its beautiful.

  • kev025

    @lukas13x wow, do we all have to agree that this is so amazing? It’s nice to see other opinions – good or bad. We all can’t like the same things now can we? I am a huge Bimmer fan new, old, and racing and still I can’t get into this one…

  • lukas13x

    @kev025 I don’t see how you can hate this, it looks as beautiful as previous M3 E92. I understand that people are mad about it changing from m3 to m4, i dont approve of it myself. Is it the colour you don’t like or the beautiful design?

  • MCHL

    begging u… pls give us these photos in high-res pls :(

  • Graffitipanda

    @kev025 They do look like the factory alloy wheels from the FRS (prius) if you ask me…. all other aspects though… MMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :D

  • carlomdy

    I love it. It just faintly reminds me of the new Tiburon and/or Charger. A dope car nonetheless!

  • Danny279

    @lukas13x  @kev025 The design is a fail, they’ve fallen into the same rut that Mercedes did. Super aggressive front and a meh rear. Plus if the standard 3-series is any indication the current gen M3/M4 are going to eat through turbo’s and be reliability nightmares.

  • ColinStockinger

    Nice overall design, ugly busy styling. Those front and rear fascia vents are a gaudy joke.

  • lukas13x

    @Danny279   The rear is beautiful…. but they could’ve went with something else, more aggressive and beautiful. If they stopped using so much plastic they would be so much more reliable.

  • Danny279

    @lukas13x I don’t mean the rear is “meh” as in ugly, it just isn’t as aggressive as the rest of the car so it doesn’t really flow well. I thought the same with the E9X but then it grew on me so I will have to see this in person to really come to a conclusion. And there hasn’t been a reliable BMW in over a decade haha, plastic or not they have too many gadgets to have longevity

  • Option86

    I really like the face of the M4, it’s beautiful. The overall design is nice too, but I’m not in love with it. The wheels can always be changed to a more appealing set, no problem.

  • Jerd

    I really want to download these pics for a my wallpaper but not the particular ones I want are in 1920 x 1080. Is there anywhere that anyone knows where I could download them?

  • Pitz

    Beautiful! Except those chinese wheels…

  • Eduar Lamas

    i understand it had big shoes to fill. but i dont like it. maybe its because it has too much going on. the front and rear bumpers are killin it for me. they look like some hardcore rieger body kit. sorry guys, the e9x was too good a car apparently.

  • Markus

    I really like the front! But,you can do what you want. It`s still a 3er!!! coupe!.

  • petachr

    @heavystarch touche.

  • kev025

    @Danny279  @lukas13x Maybe it they had unveiled it in black it would have had a better feel. I figured I should back up my dislike for the new one so… The gap in the front hood and the nose is fairly large and there’s too much going on in the front spoiler/nose. Weird gap over the top of the front headlight too. The M is supposed to be the race version for street and these wheels do not capture that feel at all. They look like something from Forgiato or Asanti. Let’s go back in time to the E30 M3… aaaaahhh now there’s an M!!

  • Tsepo


  • SimphiweSithole

    I am no BMW fan but this won me over!!!

  • _juaire

    Something is off. Nothing about this body is worthy of an “m” badge. Looks more like a dodge concept for an srt4 dart than a top of the line bmw.

  • China Man


  • AAA

    Since this is still the concept model, styling wise the production versions will I guess-still be toned down. I have to agree that it looks wrong and eve un-BMWish on some angles and that could be BMW also pointing their styling maybe on the wrong direction. Still we know this is gonna be a fantastic drive.

  • DonovanE36

    The new 3/4 series model is just a way for BMW to ease people into the new direction they are taking their styling. They are getting back to their roots but can’t radically reinvent themselves. With this in mind, the car is pretty awesome.

  • Just Stop

    Wait…how is that offensive?  Stop getting butthurt so easily.

  • willy ddd

    Not sure about the front bumper, looks like the car is making some silly grinning faces

  • MrSkubi

    LOVE IT. Production model should look exactly the same <3

  • dejan3

    Thanks in favor of sharing such a nice thought, articleis nice, thats why i have read it completely

  • levanibedukadze

    how much will it cost?? ???

  • Michael S

    estimated to cost around £62,000. 424bhp, 3 litre, twin turbo straight six engine. six speed manual or dual clutch seven speed gearbox. one of the most beautiful cars i’ve ever seen

  • Threeholein1s

    Sure hope they improved the cup holders and radio system. Great looking vehicle.

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