StanceWorks Wallpaper – Andy Reimann’s Porsche 964

-August 6, 2013-

StanceWorks Wallpaper – Andy Reimann’s Porsche 964

Mike Burroughs

This week's wallpaper showcases Andy Reimann's gorgeous Porsche 964. His P-car sits on the latest wheels from Rotiform: The SCR. It harks to the classic Porsche winter wheel, improving upon the design by refining the shapes and lines that comprise it, as well as transforming it into a 3-piece beauty. Andy's car was one we couldn't ignore at Played Out, and by request, we've provided his car in high-resolution. We're eager to share more.

To save this desktop, right-click and save-as, or click the link here. 

For more photos and coverage of the Played Out show, as well as more of Andy's Porsche, click here to read our full article!

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Comments on StanceWorks Wallpaper – Andy Reimann’s Porsche 964

  • juntsky

    any of the stanceworks crew have any clue what headlights those are?

  • teeson

    @juntsky also wondering this

  • ADDvanced

    @juntsky I believe they are the same custom made assemblies used on Singer 911s.

  • ADDvanced


  • Guest

    @juntsky Remind me of the ones that they put on the Singer Porsche…

  • Driving School Richmond Hill

    Great cars.

  • Nate

    Had this as my background since it was posted. Just moved from Delaware to Huntington Beach and now know that the photo was taken right down the road. It’s a small world.

  • ChaovalitHematulin

    Try this site, it may help you. Goodluck!

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