B L A C K – Jeremy Whittle’s E28 on the Streets of Los Angeles

-July 9, 2013-

B L A C K – Jeremy Whittle’s E28 on the Streets of Los Angeles

Mike Burroughs

Just under a month ago, Jeremy Whittle made the move to the West Coast, and in tow was his heart-stopping E28. It only seemed fitting to welcome him to the StanceWorks family in style, so we went to Los Angeles to do what we do best.

We'll let the video do the talking. Full screen and speakers up!

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Comments on B L A C K – Jeremy Whittle’s E28 on the Streets of Los Angeles

  • http://www.motorsportlegends.org/ RonP

    That is the sexiest e28 I have ever seen!!!

  • 1987E28


  • mtmorto

    Definitely didn’t need the speakers up for that. Gorgeous car!

  • B5wagon

    AWHH MY! The most beautiful E28 just got a video:)

  • MarKieJ

    smooth looking E28.. i’m a jap driver myself but looks pretty tightand the music deffinetly kills itAWESOME

  • StanCatalin

    ”Rusty is  Reincarnated !”

  • B5wagon

    @StanCatalin This is’n’t Rusty? They are stil busy with it i guess

  • kev025

    The car is incredible, the music choice… lame.

  • fast4wrd

    music too annoying, could only sit through half of it….nice car though

  • Graffitipanda

    That music doh… horrible choice. At least it wasn’t dubstep. Cars cool though…

  • Alex

    lol kanye west is never a bad choice wtf r u talking about

  • door knobs

    where was the burnout?

  • islekao

    @fast4wrd totally

  • 87_635


  • bs

    Came to hate…can’t help but like it…a LOT.

  • RickieCraigWilliams

    so nobody else seen the big ass turbo?!?! engine bay shots please!!!!

  • mystere484

    I don’t like rap crap, but this is absolutely the song for this video…. im downloading it as we speak

  • hazza2000

    @mystere484 whats this song caled ?

  • mystere484

    @hazza2000  @mystere484 
    kanye west black skinhead

  • B5wagon
  • hazza2000

    @mystere484 thanks :)

  • danieldosax

    @StanCatalin Rust is brother of Jeremy´s Car

  • MohammadAli1

    One word awsm !!

  • MohammadAli1

    What kind of this BMW …  please anybody answer me ??

  • B5wagon

    @MohammadAli1 It is a BMW E28

  • Graffitipanda

    lol kanye west is always* a bad choice wtf r u talking about. #FTFY

  • Graffitipanda

    @mystere484 surprised kanye hasn’t jumped on here and interrupted anyone then started dishing out lawsuits for the use of his song…

  • angela Mel

    drift scene needed

  • ThomasRivette

    Is that an OEM front grill with chrome surround line or it’s a custom made ? Anyway how can I have the same ?

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  • Martinstenmark

    Yeah, like @ThomasRivette i wonder how to get your hands on that chrome line? Looks a bit like that on the old 7-series E23, but not really. Totally custom?

  • ThomasRivette

    @Martinstenmark did you find something about that ?

  • NoahJones

    anyone know the specs on the wheels?

  • Martinstenmark

    Some guys at the swedish e28-site belive its a stock chrome list from the more high end e12s fron! Take a look on google, might be right!

  • ThomasRivette

    Martinstenmark  Might be but i’m not so sure, the E12 grill seems to be different than the e28, and even more with the euro grill headlamps.

  • Hemicuda

    E28 and E24,s are definitelly the hardcores of Bmw, i myself i owned three of E28, now im into E34 touring, but i miss them big time, especially after watching others, … Thank you guys for maintaining the good taste in automobile life

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