24 Months and Counting – Reuniting with Rusty Slammington

-May 2, 2013-

24 Months and Counting – Reuniting with Rusty Slammington

Mike Burroughs

It's been two years since a garage fire took something very near and dear to me. In a flash, my closest friend was gone, left in the form of warped and tarnished steel. Other cars have come and gone, but none have managed to fill the void Rusty Slammington has left. It's been a year and a half since I've even laid eyes on him; 2000 miles separate us as he lies under a tarp in the driveway of my parents' house, deep in the woods of Middle Tennessee, begging to be brought back to life. I'm asked on a daily basis: "Is he coming back?" "When are you going to work on Rusty again?" Some have insisted that I stop wasting time on other cars - that in some ways this car is more important than anything else I could be doing. And of course, perhaps most enjoyable, there are those whom resent the fact that his return is inevitable. And now the build begins.

In just two weeks, I'll be making the trip from Tennessee to California with Rusty in tow. However, while I haven't been able to put my hands on him in quite a long time, he's been anything but neglected. Over the past two years I've stocked away parts, one at a time: everything from the driveline to the running gear - progress can be measured by more than physical labor. While his return is still a long way off, it's now closer than ever. In a matter of days, he'll be back under the knife once again, and in due time, he will return - bigger and better than ever before.

But for now, I wait patiently. A reunion is coming, my best friend and I. We'll do what we do best: we'll push the bar in one form or another, and as he's always done, he'll be sure to inspire, be it with excitement or detest. But one thing is for sure: it takes more than fire to kill a car.

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Comments on 24 Months and Counting – Reuniting with Rusty Slammington

  • Jackieboy

    This nearly brought a tear to my eye.

  • JoeFalcone

    This just made me really, really happy.

  • BranTheDon_

    Just mirroring what everyone else said. Almost tears of joy for you man, so happy for you.

  • http://www.streetkarnage.com/ Streetkarnage

    I like this a lot!

  • EmilMyrdal

    well this friday sure as hell ain’t getting any better!!

  • Zero__Cool

    I love that bimmer……and i’m a vdub guy :)
    A true inspiration!
    Mike, i hope this gandpa :) give u a smile on your face again!
    U just show us all that if u want a car to roll……nothing cant stop you!
    Cheers …..i got goosebumps from that Construction video StanceWorks uploaded
    keep up the work…..and dont forget to have fun
    Greetings from eastern Europe :)

  • spdcrzy

    i’m crying tears of joy right now, mike, because without you i would never have gained an interest into the physics, the style, or the culture that is particular to stance. long live the king!

  • GarrettSloter

    This is simply the most amazing car I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

  • JackTattersall

    It takes more than fire to kill a car; Said no alfa owner ever.

  • wolfyk95


  • JulianHernandez

    Cant wait to see it resurrected mate! Rusty was, by far, one of the most awesome cars ive ever seen not quite a bbimmernot quite a rat rod but something more

  • Gavv8

    Immortal combat………….

  • WilliamTrudel

    A real BMW never die :P :)

  • heavystarch


  • onehappye28

    That car, is your life :)

  • AlexanderKotin

    Thank you Mike, that’s really cool news! We’ve all been waiting for this for a long time, like Rusty and look forward to returning!)

  • LorenzoBataille

    This news just made me remember the song ” Run for the hills” , cuz that’s the feeling most of us had when they first laid eyes on Rusty ;-)

  • PeteKurtz

    It would be an honor To arrange escort through St Louis to Kansas City…

  • The wonder

    From the ashes, a phoenix is born.

  • Cody crochet

    This car is more than a car to everyone. Its a statement of the Scene we all belong to. It means so much to everyone for different reasons.From inspiration to a reason to push to limits of scene.Rusty has been with us since the beginning and I knew this day would come and i can not wait to see rusty back and better than ever!

  • Tim Oliva

    My dream is to have my car built well enough to be worthy to be photographed with Rusty. It was Rusty that convinced me to just do what I wanted to do to my car and people will either love it or hate it and it helped to see someone go so far beyond what purists believe is right. Maybe one day I will get that chance for ‘Steph to meet Rusty.

  • tehshewz

    Why is this not on the Bimmerforums yet? I need to see another 25+ page Spastic post.

  • kev025

    Hmmm, I can’t figure out why you would want to pursue this venture. What’s really left of the old car? a shell maybe? and the last major mod to the car left nothing from the original Rusty, did it? Again so all there is is the shell, literally. Ok, everyone has their own opinion about this and that’s great (otherwise the world would be a boring place) but it’s kind of like a customizer who changes so much about the car and calls it what it was originally started. Is it really that original car down inside somewhere even if everything has been shaved, bent, tweaked, welded, reshaped, or replaced? Hey I do wish you all the best with the project and hope to see something amazing in the future but maybe call it “in memory of Rusty” instead.

  • willshaffer

    i regard this car more as a person than anything. my friends and i refer to rusty as an old friend.

  • 97ChromeSTA

    Checked in on the Stanceworks website today and there it was…the pic I have waited so long for…Rusty in all its Glory. I am so excited about the re-build. You have inspired me to do what i want to my car and not worry about whether it’s deemed proper or not. Forget the haters, dream big and build what u want. Chop, cut, boost, slam, drop, strip, whatever…. There is a little Rusty in all of us. Awesome car!

  • TwoBit

    @kev025 Seeing Rusty transform from your run of the mill E28 into what he is(was) today is what really made him “Rusty Slammington”. Rusty Slammington is exactly what you see in the pictures above and not just the bashed in E28. There is probably more soul in him than when he started. I’d say he’s just recently coming into his name and not leaving it.

  • kev025

    @TwoBit nicely said, I think I’m starting to understand. And again, I hope this turns into a great build.

  • deutschman

    Good for you man! Get back on that horse!

  • John T Sofo

    Rusty! Rusty! Rusty! Rusty!Happy for you dude. I know whatever comes of this will be even more glorious than before.

  • ioncelfals

    i know about mike burroughs and stanceworks after i knew about rusty. i sincerely congratulate you, sir. i have never seen a symbol for automotive passion quite like this car

  • TristanSharp

    It’s so… beautiful ;~; <3

  • ggaahh

    With all these cars nowadays that are a bit too “similar”, Rusty was a breath of fresh air and still is even when pictures come up every now and then. I cannot wait to see what you have in store.

  • William

    Yay! Another car destroyed to indrivability on useless suspension. The poor designer who designed this car originally…

  • wstohlman

    Cannot wait to see whats next.  This car has inspired so many, including my brother who took our grandmothers 98 corolla and rusting the entire car.  Rusty Lives!!

  • ShakotanMissile

    Cant Kill a legend!

  • http://iemotorsport.com/ AceAndrew2

    Yay another whiner

  • William

    Yes. Because 90% of the cars here are destroyed.

  • rwdpowaaa

    @AceAndrew2  If you don’t like it why are you even here! XD

  • Graffitipanda

    @kev025  @TwoBit I mean… you can’t get a better example of PURE automotive soul and passion out of reviving a car that was burned to the ground. I knew he would come back tho, a car with that much work in it you cant just sell and start over. so he kept it and NOW is the perfect time for this ANTI-hero to shine again, the car community is getting a little to flash and not showing enough soul. And I know mike will add a little twist&spice to this beast, even more so than before. Because that’s just Mike!

  • Hugger

    You write the best articles ever. Chiilbumps.

  • jessicavanderhoven


  • Cory_Mk2

    Eat shit

  • Cory_Mk2

    I bet you drive a dodge stratus

  • DevonMobiousKusse

    is it stupid i actually cried in joy when i read “And now the build begins.”?

  • leonmillette

    I love this story Mike! I know the feeling, but more importantly I knew that you would not let the car die without another chance. He represents so much for everyone, and heck, I have had pics of that beauty in various stages as my wallpaper – my favorite being the slammed trailer with tools on the way through California. I am the same way, and I salute you. We do what we want to, and everything gets in its place. I will never forget when I brought my naturally surface rusted 1973 BMW 2002 to 4NgieFest that year, and you were genuinely impressed and saluted the car…yeah, I get it. You get it…it is all about the love of the vehicle…the connection you have as a man and his dog….it is a real bond. So, I am happy to see you are keeping him alive and bringing back better than ever. Keep up the great work, bro!

  • aarnesracing

    Love the spirit, both of the car and the owner :D Love to see it done!! :D

  • BarthaAndris

    Építsétek újjá, hozzátok vissza ő egy szimbólum, egy legenda az autós világban még a kis Magyarországon is nagyon sokan el ismerik és rajonganak érte többek közt én is ezért várom, hogy mit hoztok ki egy tragédiából! Sok sikert!

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  • bmwmpowerauto

    Your releationship with that car is awesome, i am exacly the same with my bmw.

    still yours is one of a kind, amazing beemer, best of luck with getting her back on the road!

  • http://awesome.bmw.com/ b84m533iw

    i just got a 1984 bmw 533i with the 3.2L….any ideas on what i should do with it i will personalize it but i need inspiration

  • boxer83

    Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Rusty. I have been waiting for these past years for you to bring Rusty back to life. This car is an inspiration to car builder’s. I will never forget this car and I am glad to see in time will be back on the roads. It was probably a good thing Rusty was such a long ways away. Out of site out of mind type thing but you can never forget a good friend. Stocking up on parts is a great way to show progress in a build. I sure know I have so many partying laying around waiting to be brought to life.
    Good luck with your build. Can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/CHNDSGNLVR rally2727

    @William Dude…

  • http://Necars.weebly.com/ Girouxphotography

    Mike, nice job on rusty, great build man. very excellent job!

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  • Travis Cartwright

    an absolute work of art man

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