Deus Ex Machina – A Film by Seth Brown

-October 24, 2012-

Deus Ex Machina – A Film by Seth Brown

Mike Burroughs

This morning at the StanceWorks office, we came across a somewhat special film. Deus Ex Machina, a short film by Seth Brown, shows a man and his rather unique creation. While his style, or motorcycles in general, may not keep your gears turning, we're confident everyone will come away with something from this inspirational video. 

Thank you to Seth for producing an outstanding video and allowing us to share his work.


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Comments on Deus Ex Machina – A Film by Seth Brown

  • johnlpainter

    Like Picasso said, good arts borrow, great artists steal.  I think the creative process to basically try and reveal those parts of the machine most people don’t see, don’t think about, basically to deconstruct the motorcycle is a great concept and it was brilliantly executed. I was glad to hear the gusto for a bike that wasn’t a showroom POS, but something a man built with his hands and brain.  I also think Seth’s filming technique made that process more “alive” and makes the whole project a knock out!

  • thepiecan

    Working with ones hands, time standing still, meditation, peace, creative focus … seen as dumb pursuits by schools and judged as under achievement…yet possibly one of the highest states of being and flows where great artefacts arise. To lose this workshop would just be suicidal….I catch your drift Jack! …. Great video production, music and motif.. Very inspiring … Gives me hope, As I’m currently dicing with earning a crust and pursuing this dream myself.

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