To Beautify a Bavaria – Shea’s 1972 BMW Bavaria

-September 13, 2012-

To Beautify a Bavaria – Shea’s 1972 BMW Bavaria

Andrew Ritter

We love hearing and reading the stories from the members of the StanceWorks community. It's always inspiring to see the work and dedication that is put into the cars that are shown off on our forums every day. Mikey Gaumann put together this video documenting the work that Shea and a few friends put in to get his Bavaria sitting nicely over a set of beautiful Impul Silhouettes before Shea starts work on his Airlift air suspension setup. It's times like these that we can all relate to; afternoons spent with friends around a car you all love. We love to see videos and photos like this. This is what the StanceWorks lifestyle is about.

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Comments on To Beautify a Bavaria – Shea’s 1972 BMW Bavaria

  • BmwE3

    I cannot explain how happy i am that this video exists.. Around a year ago i’ve found this video and always wanted a old bavaria but always thought it was a huge expensive car like the E9.. 
    (for a 20 year old atleast..) I used to drive a S4 B5 and was selling it because it wasnt the car that i really enjoyed driving in.. 

    that said i’ve always told my friends that if i found a blue car with a brown interior i would buy it because for me it is the perfect colour combination, 

    After i sold my Audi and bought myself a camera to start shooting pictures because i wanted to express my feeling when i’m visiting a car meet or event by myself or with friends i still had some money over to buy a car.

    For the amount i had i couldn’t really find one that was love on first sight but
    not a week after i sold my Audi and bought a camera a ad popped up that there was a Fjord blue BMW E3 for sale with a brown interior from a E3 LI model.. 

    Words cannot express how excited i was to have finally found the car i pretty much dreamed about..
    Pretty much every week i come back a few times to watch this video because of the way they filmed it, the bavaria and the music that really made this video a piece of art.

    This video gives me the inspiration to complete my E3 and hopefully put some nice wheels and airride on it just like Shea did with his.. It’s just a pity that he sold the car and that the wheels are no longer underneath it because it really gave the car the classy look i enjoy to watch. 

    I’m not a fan of cutting the suspension to lower it(although he bagged the car shortly after which made it look 10 times cooler) but the rest of the video is showing what the StanceWorks lifestyle is about and that’s why this is probably one of my favourite videos out there on the internet.

  • JanToreEspe

    What size wheels are those ?

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