Passion Behind What We Do

-August 24, 2011-

Passion Behind What We Do

Mike Burroughs

There's only one way to preface this article, and that's by saying the name "Oxer." Those of you that don't know him need to hop on over to the forums and educate yourselves. Those of you that do know quite well that Ox is an integral part of the SW family. At the beginning of the month, Ox flew over to the United States from his home country Australia. He's here on what is inarguably the best cross-country trip anyone has ever experienced, and it's all in the name of StanceWorks. So what is the best way to commemorate a life-changing adventure? Well, Ox had something in mind.

We drove over to Absolute Ink in Murfreesboro, Tennessee this morning, where Ox walked in knowing exactly what he wanted. He says "it's the whole reason I'm in the U.S. to begin with, and this has been the best month of my life." The objective? The S|W pentagon on his left calf. It was only a matter of minutes before, as we say, "shit got real."

There was a lot of excitement to be had, as this is Oxer's first tattoo. Josh Adams, the artist, laid the first bit of ink and it was all downhill from there. Ox was a bit nervous about finding someone to do some incredibly straight lines. Being an artist himself, he's got high standards.

I'm sure that if you had asked Ox a year ago if he'd wind up in a Tennesseean tattoo parlor getting the SW logo tattooed on his leg, chances are it wouldn't be a "yes", but alas, here he was, after making a flight to the United States and seeing the entire West Coast, from LA to Seattle, and then over to Chicago, and now here. It's been a non-stop all-laughs party that is going to end far too soon. We're doing what we can to get him to move over, so if you get the chance, help us out.

Josh took his time on the tattoo, taking about an hour and a half to do the deed, but in the end the result was perfect. Something tells me that this won't be Ox's only tattoo, but being a part of his first has been a true honor and something I certainly won't be forgetting.

So in the end, Ox has a tattoo that represents something so much more than a website. It represents dedication to what he loves. It's more than a logo, its more than a name. It's family, 100%. It goes to show that we're not here because it's "cool", we're here because it's what we're passionate about. We're not just another web blog. We are StanceWorks.


So thank you, Ox, for showing your love. We love you too.

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